Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sexy Final Friday Picks: Make Love at the Percolator and Yes, Yes, Yes, Now, Now, Now at Wonder Fair / Mammoth Life: Being Young in San Francisco

Surely the sexiest event of January's Final Friday will be "Make Love" at the Percolator, which is getting the jump on Valentine's Day with "performances by Walt Babbit, Mel Smith, Heartscape Landbreak, and Baby Jessica including a photobooth and love potions by Kelly Kearns and artful responses to love by many, many people around town."   

Love potions, eh?  This event is almost certain to turn into an orgy. Probably not a Bacchanalian, Eyes-Wide-Shut-type orgy but rather one of those groovy, swinging 70's type affairs, possibly involving a lot of flabby old folks from ELFK. 

Get full details from the FB event page here.

Final Fridays: MAKE LOVE


Wonder Fair's Final Friday offering has an absolutely orgasmic title:  Yes, Yes, Yes, Now, Now, Now.   The description, however, is a little less erotic, as the exhibit claims to offer special appeal for "linguistics lovers, code breakers, and nature nerds."  

Here's a bit of the description from the FB event page:

 "Tumbling paper rock forms spill in a ten foot flood onto the gallery floor, but there is order to their chaos; each stone is screenprinted with one of 26 faceted patterns corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. Read carefully, (with the aid of Bitters' key,) there is a message in the mountain..."

Chip: "This sounds like I'm going to have to work for it, so let's hope the 'message' ultimately gives me a boner."

Shawn Bitters | Yes, Yes, Yes, Now, Now, Now

And speaking of making love not war and being groovy and such,  we like to check in with our ex-LFK friends in Mammoth Life on occasion to make sure they are still being suitably weird out in San Francisco. Today we are pleased to report that they have a new video for a song called "Being Young."

"This song feels so surreal," Kix croons, and the video does indeed get a bit surreal as it progresses, with a lot of quick scenery changes and close-up dance moves (Chip: "This video is going to be a treat for foot fetishists"). And look for an almost subliminal, balcony cameo by a shockingly short-haired Nicholas near the end, Hitchcock-style!

Check it out below and download the free single from Bandcamp here .

"Being Young" cover art

Stop by I Heart Local Music here for more details on the video and upcoming album, and also check out their great story from back in June about hanging with ML in San Francisco, which includes a video of the band playing the song live in a park.  Find it here .

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