Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hootenanny Alert! Olassa's EP Release at the Replay on Saturday

It's sort of rare when the Replay turns over their late-night weekend festivities to our rootsy friends who often play the matinee slots.  But get ready for Saturday, when Olassa celebrates their new EP "I Love You, Come Back To Me" along with the ever-hilarious Kansas City Bear Fighters, the rollicking Calamity Cubes, and Alex Law of Deadman Flats.  Visit the FB event page here , which is oddly specific about start and end times: 9:35 pm to 1:35 pm.   We all know the Replay is nothing if not punctual about set times!

We've heard the new EP and are pleased to report that it's just as pretty as you might expect.  You've likely heard tunes like "Sloe Gin" and "Little Darlin" live on numerous occasions and thought to yourself:  "Man, Gillian Welch is going to be fucking jealous she didn't write these tunes!"  And that's even more the case on record, which nicely captures the band's harmonies and unusual mix of sometimes stomping, sometimes soaring, sometimes bouncy accordion/guitar/tuba interplay.

"We write songs you'll never hear again / We get tattoos you'll never see again," sings Allison in "Vega," but she's wrong: you'll want to hear them many times.

Chip: "When she sings that verse on Saturday, yell 'Show us your tattoos' at the band."

The last time we caught Olassa at the Replay was a scalding-hot summer matinee and a strange fellow clambered on stage with them and attempted to remove his clothes (no, it was not Chip) before being hustled out.  Afterward, Allison bought us a "doorkno."  It was a nice evening.

Re-read our 2012 interview with Olassa's guitar-slinger Cain Robberson here .

Olassa EP RELEASE W/  KC Bear Fighters/Calamity Cubes/Alex Law

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