Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday and Tuesday Scenester Picks: Pole-Dancing, Burger Parties, and Super Nerd Night

Kick off your Monday night at Fatso's by sketching Foxy by Proxy's Bunny Baltimore as she does some pole-dancing.  We can't make this shit up. 

And, for those of you who haven't ditched the Burger Stand for Dempsey's,  you can celebrate the Burger Stand's 4th anniversary bash all day today featuring $2 Free State pints and $2 Birthday Cake shots & $2 Rumpleminze shots all day (our Rumple-loving friend LarryfuckingKS is sure to be on the scene!).  There will be drawings for free meals for a year and such.  Get details over at their FB page . Our old pal Matt Clothier, who has of late become the official "Bard of the Burger Stand," will be singing some cover tunes at 8:30.  He knows a Replacements tune or two and will _occasionally_ play them if you yell at him long and loud enough.  Also, our old guest columnist The Burger Wizard STILL owes us a fucking review of the Stand.  Also, we hope they have bacon-wrapped frog legs on sale today:


Our friends at Nerd Nite get a lot of attention these days but let's not forget about our even-nerdier brethren (and sistren?) over at Super Nerd Night.  They are back in action on Tuesday with the delightfully named "Call of Booty" edition of their long-running event which will feature (in addition to the usual nerdery) a dating game involving the Felt Show puppets (where have those giant puppets been hiding recently?), a V-Day performance by Foxy by Proxy (boobies!), and a sure-to-be-romantic set by Robocopter.   Check out the FB event page here to find out that a whopping 100 of your nerdiest friends will be there.

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