Friday, January 4, 2013

Odd and Adorable Band of the Day: Baby Ghosts at Replay!

We enjoy cute things and were immediately intrigued by Utah band Baby Ghosts based on their name alone. 

But let's dig deeper.

1) Nine of the eleven songs on their new album have "ghost" in the title.  Our favorite:  "German Ghost Cat."  Our second favorite:  "The Ghosts of Our Crappy-Ass Friends."  Listen here via Bandcamp.

2) They are very into anime.

3) The cover of their album looks like this:

Let's Always Hang Out Together, Okay? cover art

And you can hang out with them at the Replay tonight!  Okay?

Also on the bill is KC's Lazy, who have a new 7' called Party City on Moniker Records, which says of their sound: "dark drones and found sound snippets populate percussive, gang-vocal boy/girl rave-ups."  We love found sound snippets.  But our favorite Lazy song has got to be "I Wanna Know Who Gave You My Number" (from an earlier album). It reminds us a bit of a lazier Pavement tune.   Listen here .


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