Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekend Scenester Picks: Atomic Vampires, Hootenannies, and Hidden Pictures

It's a bit of a slow weekend in LFK.  Maybe you should catch up with some of the Oscar nominees that were announced this morning, such as The Master (oh wait, it's not playing anymore and they failed to nominate it for Best Picture).  Or Amour.  (oh wait, it doesn't open in KC until February).  Or Zero Dark Thirty (Chip:  "This has already been named Best Pic of the year in Fort Scott, due mainly to it's 'pro-torture' position.").

Another (less high-falutin') movie option:  Cinema a Go Go is back at Liberty Hall with a double-feature of The Atomic Submarine and Atom Age Vampire, which is about  "a butt ugly monster who likes to skulk around in a hoodie when he's out murdering people for their glands."  Now THAT'S cinema!  FB event page here .

And if you insist on hitting the bars, here are some options.

The Bottleneck has a new(ish) event called Gallimaufry Stand-up Comedy With Open Mic.  We have no idea what "Gallimaufry" is, but it's probably something funny [Note:  we just looked it up.  It's not that funny, but it's a pretty clever name for a stand-up comedy night].

Chip:  "I'm thinking about testing out a few new boner jokes in the open mic portion this evening.  Also, I know a series of 'farmer's daughter' jokes that are so shockingly obscene my mother threatened to call an exorcist on me when I told one at Thanksgiving."

Doors at 8:00; open mic at 9:00.

 Gallimaufry, STAND UP COMEDY with open mic


Cowgirl's Trainset is at the Replay's Friday matinee and they are a self-described "7 piece of destruction and energy" that plays "Gypsy Folk Swing" from the Midwest.  We caught 'em at Barnyard once and had a good time.  Give them a "like" on FB right here .  They're opening up for Sky Smeed, who normally only plays in fields:


We'd guess there's an 85% chance that Tyler Gregory will be onstage with one or both of these bands at some point! 


Our friends in Hidden Pictures are at the Jackpot later on Friday along with Heidi and the Kicking Heels (great name!) and Electro Foam.   Re-read our classic HP interview here .

HP has a new line-up and promises a bunch of new tunes.  But we bet they're still adorable as ever!!

Heidi & the Kicking Heels, w/ Hidden Pictures at the Jackpot Music Hall


And on Saturday, head back to Replay for a band called ARENTWEALLDEAD.   All-caps and no punctuation is so hip right now!   Here's a somewhat baffling description from their FB bio:

"Aren’t We All Dead isn’t a band in the typical sense. Guitars are played like pianos and violins, bass as a wall of sound, and drums that are dynamic and expressive. The musicians in this band don’t create riffs and hooks. They see sounds as different colors and arrange them accordingly. Everything seen and heard affects the music, both good and bad. Aren’t We All Dead is a project dedicated to sound."

Give them a listen via BandcampWe're still trying to figure out what colors we're listening to!

 The Empire.  The Sun. cover art

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