Friday, August 31, 2012

Off-The-Beaten-Path Pick of the Weekend: MidXMidwest Music Fest

Readers, it's hard enough to get fickle scenesters to go out early to hear bands that they love at venues that they know, so we want to give a special shout-out to MidXMidwest Music Fest, which offers up two whole days worth of unsigned bands at four venues that you likely do not frequent (or perhaps even know about!).  Find a full line-up via Alex at over here.

The four venues are:  Barn Yard Beer (nice dudes! reread our piece on them over here);  The R Bar (it's the former Jet Lag and the last time we visited it was still the Jet Lag and a bunch of old ladies tried to make us drink some sort of tomato beer);  Gaslight Gardens (it's the new No Law bar that you scenesters DON'T go to);  All-Stars (the last time we visited it was a titty bar! we assume it still is?), and Bottle of Blues (Chip:  "Never heard of it.  Does it exist?"  Yes, Chip.  It's in the old Bambino's joint downtown).

The most bizarre offering we've spotted on the line-up is a "Metal for Breakfast" event at Bottle of Blues at 8:00 am Saturday  (seriously!), featuring Ask an Adult and many others who will rock your hungover faces off while you eat some eggs.  We saw Ask an Adult at the Replay at a recent matinee and can vouch for the fact that they are completely insane and perform through a megaphone half the time.

Judging by names alone, we'd probably go for the 10:00 to midnight slot at Barnyard Beer on Saturday to check out Rotgut Ramblers (10pm), The Magnificent Bang Bangs (11pm), and Famous Seamus and the Travelbongs (midnight).

Visit the festival's FB page over here, though it seems to have very little info! (kudos to for finding a schedule somewhere!).


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