Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Sexy Weekend Picks: Smoking Nurse at Replay, Mingle at Tap Room, and The 1 Oz. Jig at Bottleneck

Tennessee's Smoking Nurse hits the Replay tonight, and the name alone gives Chip a boner.   We also love the way their bio from their FB page deconstructs the standard publicity bullshit:

"(band name) has gone through many changes. With a(n) (genre) intensity and a(n) (adjective) edge, it delves into the realms of (genre) and (genre). While the (genre + noun) sound is (genre) oriented, there is always a(n) (adverb + verb) of sound. The (number) members are known from such popular groups as (adjective + noun), (adjective + noun), and (adjective + noun) and for the world renowned (body part + noun) group (pl. noun) of (adverb + verb) or ( acronym ). Combine (genre), (genre), (genre), & (genre) with (adjective) beats, and (adjective) melodies and the result is (band name)."

 Show up tonight and fill in the blanks for yourself!  Or, if you must, get a sample of their tunes via Bandcamp


The students are back in town and they're surely ready to do some grinding.   Phil Canty of Team Bear Club recommends they head to Mingle at the Tap Room on Friday:

"Kicking off our school year proper, August will see the return of Lawrence staple party, Mingle at the Taproom. Friday, August 17th, Bear Club founders MORRI$ and Tom Richman will bring the students in PROPER with a sweaty evening at the Taproom. Promising an alluring blend of ratchet club rhythms, forward leaning electronic synth vibes, and ironic pop candy, Mingle always delivers a diverse experience at a low price."

Visit the FB event page here, and Phil also sent us links to a number of galleries if you'd like to "mingle" your way through them here and here and here.

We're hoping that this week's Mingle looks something like this:


But not like this, which BARRR calls his "tittie tattoo nipple dance."

And here's a titillating flyer featuring some flexible ladies performing maneuvers that Chip hopes to see on the dance floor this weekend:


If you prefer to shake your ass to a full band of "funkmasters," the Bottleneck brings Arkansas' The 1 Oz. Jig to town on Saturday.  The Fayetteville Flyer says:

"They are one of the hardest working bands in town, made up of some of the most technically proficient, funky funkmasters assembled in Fayetteville since Punkinhead was causing uncontrollable dancing fits in town during the 80′s and 90′s.

That may not mean a lot to most of you LFK folks, but to some of us who grew up in Arkie in that era (Richard) that means it's time to put your dancing shoes on!

The 1 Oz. Jig lists their "Band Interests" on FB as "Playin tunes that make folks get naked and feel patriotic."

Sure, they might look like extras from Winter's Bone, but don't let that scare you away.


The 1 Oz. Jig is joined by LFK's Thunderkat, who plays covers and list their "Band Interests" as "Girls jumping up and down."  Chip's a fan.

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