Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching Up With the Rooftop Vigilantes: "One time we hung out at Lucille Ball's grave for a few days."

Sure, we interviewed LFK's Rooftop Vigilantes back in April (read it here), but we wanted to check back in and make sure that all the shit they told us about back then is actually coming to pass.  Turns out that it is!  A remastered version of Real Pony Glue and a new Replay Records split single with Mannequin Men will hit LFK this week at a big record release/concert kick-off show at the Replay this Thursday, Aug. 30 with openers Hospital Ships.

Check out some recent Vigilantes' press over at Brooklyn Vegan and stream the new single "Automatic Trash"   And enjoy our chat with Zach and Seth about all these new developments as well as what it's like to be on tour with a group of drunken Vigilantes.

Chip:  Tell me why I need to buy the re-issue of Real Pony Glue.  Did you make a few of the songs longer? Does it come with a sixer of PBR?

Zach:  Because you probably just got it for free the first time from King Tosser. Oh, and it's remastered if that matters to anyone.  God forbid a band makes a bit of money before they go on tour/ in general.

Seth: It sounds purrrrdy.

{*Zach is correct about how we obtained the record].

Richard:   What’s the new split single with Mannequin Men like and what makes them a good combination with the Vigilantes?   Also, who can drink the most: Vigilantes or Mannequin Men?

 Zach:  The new split sounds great because we are very like-minded bands.  This is not to say that we sound exactly the same! That would be boring.  But you can tell that we have a similar interest in music.  We both our fans of each other's bands, and we made friends with them when my other band Mouthbreathers did a few shows with them down at SXSW.  I think that as far as a drinking contest goes it would be an ugly tie!!  Since we're down a member though, we would have to hold this at a place where there are a lot of cats, so that way the numbers would be even (Eathen's allergic).

Seth:  Both bands sound like a band that has a drummer named Seth.

Chip:  You guys are about to head out on tour for the first time in two years.  What are your tour goals?  And could you please tell us a sordid story from a previous tour, ideally involving some combination of fucking, fighting,  puking, drugs, and booze.

Seth:  Our goal is to out-drink ourselves on our last tour.

Zach:  Stories?  Really?  God, way too many.  We were out every other month for awhile...lets see....There was one time we hung out at Lucille Ball's grave for a few days........But lets go in order here.  Fucking-  We don't kiss and tell.  Fighting-Ask Rob from Eat Skull.  Puking-Do you really expect me to remember every time I and/or one of us threw up?  Drugs- Hi Mom!!  Booze-  Do I really even need to answer that question?  To bring it back to what Seth just said though.  That is a lofty goal.  That's why I've been training.

Richard:  How important is it to the band to get a lot of recognition outside of LFK?   And do you worry that all of us fickle scenesters will accuse you of “selling out” if you get to be extremely well-known?

Zach: Has this even happened yet?  Is that going to happen?  Do you know something I don't?

Seth: Very important.  And really, that's not a worry.

Chip:  Tell us about a local band that you like that no one would expect you to like.  Are you secretly into the sensitive folkie scene?

Zach:  Bannana Suprise, Axel Bros, Beefweed, Anal Cheeseburger, Canadian Drycleaners, and Tad.

Seth:  The Hips.  P.S. The Roseline's last drummer sucked.

And here's a picture of Seth's 2009 Style Scout appearance.

Photo detail

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