Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday and Saturday Scenester Picks With a Very Special Message From Quiet Corral

It's a big weekend for those go-getters in Quiet Corral.  They'll be rocking some sweet harmonies on the Oread rooftop with the Noise Boys of Noise FM tonight ("SHOUT PEACE!") and opening for Dawes at the Crossroads in KC tomorrow.  We hope to do a full interview with the Quiet Corral gang down the line, but in the meantime we asked them to send us a quick blurb for tonight's show:

"Friday's show at The Oread promises to be one of the greater moments in Kansas history. Lawrence's Quiet Corral will be performing alongside Chicago transplants The Noise FM. The show has been so wildly anticipated that Twitter reported their servers crashing several times this week because of an overload of tweets regarding “Quiet Corral”, “The Noise FM”, “The Oread”, and “SHOUT PEACE”. 

Several rumors have begun circulating involving events that may take place on Friday evening. Just to name a few: The Noise FM have promised to play dressed as Ghostbusters, Bill Self will be in attendance, Thomas Robinson is flying back from Sacramento to see the show, and Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little is contemplating canceling classes on Friday in order to host a pre-show parade on Jayhawk Boulevard. The madness commences at 7:00 p.m. All ages. If none of these rumors actually happen, blame The Noise FM." 

You heard it here first, readers!  Skip class today and do some "pre-gaming" for the big show.


Follow up tonight's rooftop shenanigans with the hip-hop stylings of Ebony Tusks and ShowYouSuck and many more at the Replay.  Reread our interview with Chicago's ShowYouSuck here.

KJHK 90.7 FM & oh!mr. present SWEAT // EBONY TUSKS // Greg Enemy // ShowYouSuck // Audiocloud 51 // D/Will

And Oklahoma's Broncho is back in town at the Jackpot on Saturday with The Dead Girls and The Sluts. This will be a great chance to fight each other on the dance floor (if enough people show up at the Jackpot to get a nice little scuffle started).  Reread an I Heart Local Music report on their last rowdy Replay appearance over here.



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