Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Crossover Series With I Heart Local Music Wraps Up With Favorite Granada Shows

Readers, we've had a blast with this collaborative series this summer as we've sifted through our PBR-addled memories to choose our favorite shows at LFK's top venues.  The journey began at Liberty Hall and ends today, four blocks away (which is an eternity for lazy scenesters), at the Granada.   We decided to take an unusual, "artsier" approach to our final post, which you can find right here over at I Heart Local Music. And below is their pick.  

Thanks to our friends at I Heart Local Music for collaborating with us on this project.   And we encourage you to share your own Granada stories on Twitter today with the hashtag #GranadaMemories.

This week we're finishing our crossover series with The Larryville Chronicles. We've discussed our favorite memories at venues up and down Mass Street, and if you read carefully you'll notice a theme with my top picks. There's nothing I enjoy more than rowdiness at a show.

For that reason, I'm picking Thee Oh Sees' February, 2011, performance at the Granada. Every square inch of that show was fun. The song we recorded below was our personal favorite. Frontman John Dwyer wasted no time at all in letting you know exactly what kind of show this was going to be. At about 51 seconds in, his head damn near snaps off. He didn't have to tell everyone to get wild, the onstage antics did the talking for him. At some points in the show, he nearly swallowed the microphone while screaming at the top of his lungs.

If it got exhausting watching Dwyer, you really didn't have much time to rest. Every member of the band twitched nervously, swirled their head around, and throbbed violently onstage. The same went for the audience.

We were also pleased as punch that a local band, The Dactyls, got to open for Thee Oh Sees. This would be one of the last times we saw The Dactyls, and we're glad our memory ties them to this show.

Thee Oh Sees have been frequenting Lawrence over the past few years, so if you've missed them in the past, chances are you'll get another shot at it. 

Bonus video! The Dactyls!

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