Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nerd Nite 8 Preview / Country-Disco with Grant Farm at the Bottleneck / Olympic Boners

After a long, nerd-free hiatus, Nerd Nite 8 is on tap Wednesday at Pachamama's.  This one's called "Smarts and Crafts" and features:

"We are All Makers" by Derick Schweppe (Chip: "I hope I don't have to try and make a craft during this lecture.  I'm a really poor maker.")

A Great Unveiling: Quantum Mechanics, Society, and Art by Emily Pabst  (we love her last name, but we've found in the past that Pabst Blue Ribbon is not really conducive to understanding quantum mechanics).

"Success is a mind game: finding creative flow" by Karen Mathias (Karen's one of our PBR Book Club buddies and writes the Larryville Artists blog and knows a lot about erotic Japanese woodcuts which hopefully gets mentioned during her presentation).

See you there.



If you're looking for some rootsy fun after the Nerds have spoken, step right across to the Bottleneck to check out Grant Farm, a Colorado band which features renowned flatpicking guitar ace Tyler Grant (formerly of The Drew Emmitt Band, for those of you well-versed in rootsy matters). The band describes their music as "Roots, Rock and CRIS-CO," the latter apparently being a combination of country and disco.  We'll be VERY disappointed if we don't see some stoned LFK hippies in cowboy hats shaking their asses Travolta-style on the dance floor tomorrow night.

Check out Grant Farm's official website here  and listen to some songs over here .  We didn't hear much of the disco influence in the tunes we sampled, but hopefully it comes out strong during the live show.

And check out the fun video below of the band wishing "Mr. Zimmerman" a happy birthday with a "van session" (yes, performed in their van) of "Million Dollar Bash."  

Chip:  "Will tomorrow's show be performed in their van or in the club?"

We're pretty sure it's in the club, Chip.  But maybe there will be a van session afterwards for a few lucky fans?

Also, we think Tyler Grant looks a bit like a young Chuck Norris, which is pretty badass.


And let's end today with our favorite Olympics photo so far:  the American Rowing team winning third place and one of them sporting a nice boner.  Save those boners for the gold, fellows!  Go here to read his funny denial of the boner.

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