Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekend Picks: Demolition Derby, The Grisly Hand, The Empty Spaces / Plus: Best of Lawrence Competition is Underway!

Tomorrow night brings Chip's favorite event of the year:  the demolition derby at the Douglas County Fair!  So go join your sweaty brethren rolling in from the unhip parts of the county, eat some corndogs, and watch shit get hilariously smashed up.  Chip: "If beer was sold, it might truly be the perfect event."

Watch 90 seconds of pure mud-slingin' mayhem from last year's Derby right here.

After a few shockingly music-free weekends, the Jackpot bounces back on Friday and Saturday with a couple of worthy scenester shows.

Friday's Glossary/The Grisly Hand double-bill is likely to feature the most pedal-steel you've heard in one place in quite some time.  Take a listen to the sweet sounds of Grisly Hand's Western Avenue EP via Bandcamp over here .

Glossary is  from Murfreesboro, TN and their new album, Long Live All of Us, was recorded in a house "sandwiched between a church and a condemned meth lab, which was still wrapped in police tape."  

Western Ave. EP cover art

Saturday brings our poppy friends in Hidden Pictures (we interviewed them here) alongside LFK's Sona and The Empty Spaces, who describe their sound as "retro-punk rock that is fronted with an energetic, yelping vocal style."  We fucking love bands that yelp!  The flier for their new album is pretty cool too. 

Hidden Pictures, The Empty Spaces, SONA at The Jackpot


Also, please remember to cast your vote in the Best of Lawrence awards going on right now via  If you enjoy our boner jokes and local music/art/news coverage, please vote for us in the best local blog and best Lawrence-related Twitter account categories.   And please vote for Frank's North Star Tavern as "best bar" and "best place for romance."  We haven't actually found romance there (yet), but Chip did recently beat off in the corner when he discovered a collection of vintage Sports Illustrated magazines. 

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