Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Scenester Picks: Jessie Torrisi, Panties, and Kickball / Weekend Photo Recap: A Parade of Elvisis and a Sandbar Block Party

Readers, the kickball playoffs are underway today, which probably means very few of you will join us for a nice Replay matinee with Jessie Torrisi and the Please Please Me.  Your loss, since this Austin via Brooklyn trio rocks a mean cello. There's no opening act listed for the gig but we predict it will be Tyler Gregory.

The pic below is via Tulsa Music, which describes their sound as "indie-rock chic with a rootsy feel and a hint of both Sun Records’ rockabilly and Stax/Volt soul."  

We''ve partied with the band before (they managed to get a few Replay revelers on stage to play kazoos with them), but our favorite thing about the band is their self-designed panties. In an interview with the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Torrisi says: "I have seen male friends of mine in them and if you have a well-toned, smallish butt, it works well."

Chip: "Well, that cinches it. I'm buying a pair for myself this evening."


We've seen many things this weekend in LFK and we'll show you a few of them.

We saw young Drew Smith rocking his first-ever set as Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra at the Jackpot on Friday.  For his closing number, a full-band (including Cameron Hawk) joined him on stage to rock a nice version of the Flaming Lips' "See the Leaves."  Drew drew a nice crowd (which seems to be a bit rare at the Jackpot these days judging by our recent visits), though most of them scattered when the Sneaky Creeps started getting loud and creepy in the next set.

On Saturday morning, eight or ten Elvises gathered in the parking lot of the dead Borders for the first annual LFK Elvis Parade and eight or ten Elvis fans gathered nearby to watch them parade.  Our favorite was Giant Elvis.

Presumably a few more spectators were on hand to gaze upon the Elvi as they passed the Farmer's Market en route to the Hot Rod Hullabaloo in South Park, where a decent crowd was assembled for the impersonator contest.  Here's Elvis warming up the crowd with a bit of Kung Fu treachery:

And the Sandbar's 4th Annual Block Party/Birthday Bash attracted a major crowd of revelers Saturday evening, including Geoffrey Rush (below), whose career decline apparently grants him plenty of time to reprise his Pirates role wherever he's needed.

As usual, we stationed ourselves on the Tap Room patio, avoiding the Sandbar's cover charge, and found ourselves surrounded by a whole lot of Sandbar fans who had the same idea, as well a few pockets of terrifically confused scenesters. During the debut of the Sandbar's new Hurricane video (after an outrageously lengthy hour-long slideshow of the bar's drunken patrons), we heard the following exchange at the Tap Room door:

"What's going on out here?"
 "Something awful."

Apparently Tap Room denizens have no idea that the Hurricane happens every night inside the Sandbar, where  happy people dance on the bar in mermaid suits swilling Bahama Mamas while oblivious scenesters nurse their PBRs in the dark Tap Room a mere ten feet away.  That's probably about the best representation of the disconnect between scenester vs. the rest-of-LFK culture that one can hope to find.

Finally, our favorite recent photo comes not from us but from a strong set of Party Pics from a DJ G Train set at the Replay.  We call this the "PBR dance," and it's probably safe to say we've all performed it:

Photo detail

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