Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weekend Scenester Picks: Nostalgia, Dance Parties, and Dumpster Diving

The important cultural event of the weekend is the grand debut of the Warehouse Arts District in East LFK during tomorrow's Final Friday events.  Get the full scoop from our in-depth interview with artist Leo Hayden over here.  And at least one night of your weekend must be set aside for Victor Continental: our "Municipal Erections" interview with VC is right over here

But what else should occupy your time this weekend?

We don't know much about Atomic Pajama Party, but they shared their event on our FB page, and their name and song titles such as "Jiggle in My Pants" make Chip giggle.  Listen to a few songs here  Their admirable goal is "to make rock music dancible again, like it was intended to be in the beginning."  It's not an easy thing to get notoriously-immobile scenesters moving on the dance floor at a rock show, so we wish these gents the best!   Catch them at Taproom tonight with Spirit is the Spirit and Brass Buffalo.

Atomic Pajama Party, Spirit Is The Spirit and Brass Buffalo

Seems like there's a shirtless drumming party just about every night with Cloud Dog these days, and that's a good thing. Find them at the Jackpot tonight along with Austin's prolific White Denim. 

White Denim + Cloud Dog

After a long absence full of odd, early-evening DJ sets, the Replay offers up a Friday evening matinee again tomorrow and it's an important one.  The Bus Stop Label reunion show brings you legendary LFK popsters The What Gives along with Erik Voeks and Jon Harrison and the Harrisonics.  Find a good little preview via Nick and the Pitch right here .  Also, we are pleased to note that Nick is now writing for, and we're certain this will mean fewer recipes and far more focus on local bands that are worth your attention!  Make sure to read his stories even if you don't like!

And you can follow up the early-evening nostalgia by shaking your cares away with our buddy Nezbeat's "WetHotElectricSummer" at the Taproom's late-night dance party.  We'll happily recommend any event that references "Wet Hot American Summer" (we had our annual viewing recently).

And let's not forget that it's moving weekend in LFK, the equivalent of an Olympic sport for intrepid townies.  As usual, we'll be working on our "dumpster diving art project" in which we photograph the same dumpster over the course of a week or so as various objects come and go.  It's a powerful treatise on American consumerism, plus we occasionally find cool shit, like this portrait we snagged two years ago:

For the environmentally-conscious among you, LFK offers a handy selection of "move out tips" to help prevent mountains of ratty old couches from lining the curbs all weekend.  Check it out here .  But let's face it:  there's gonna be junk all over town this weekend and you might snag something sweet if you stay vigilant.

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