Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday and Tuesday Movie Events in LFK / Bill Self Plays Softball With Don Draper

Readers, the heat wave has finally broken in LFK and we're looking forward to patrolling the streets again without (as much) fear of a heat stroke.  Aside from the big and buzzy Beach House show tomorrow night at Liberty (which we previewed yesterday), it looks like a pretty slow start to the week aside from some  movie events.

Tonight brings the second installment of Monday Night Movie at Frank's (Troll 2 was magnificent last week:  no one would dare piss on Frank's hospitality, if you catch our Troll 2 reference!).  We're less excited about tonight's event however.  Our main issue with Killer Klowns from Outer Space is that, as a horror spoof, it knows it's a bad movie (hey, look at me! I'm a  bad movie that wants to be a cult classic!).   In our opinion, the best bad movies (like Troll 2, and Wiseau's recent The Room) honestly believe they are good movies.  Also, Chip is fucking terrified of clowns (especially ones spelled incorrectly with a "K").  But we do like the cheeky Alien reference in its tagline ("In space no one can eat ice cream.").

Tomorrow's Replay Horror Picture Show kicks off with a summer classic set on Amity Island!  Man, what we wouldn't give to see the newly minted print of Jaws that's screening in a few cities right now (probably not KC and certainly not LFK).  The Replay's screening will  not look "newly minted" but there's free popcorn and it's a lot cheaper than the Beach House show and you might get to hear a patio full of drunk scenesters all yell "We're going to need a bigger boat!" simultaneously, which would be pretty cool.

The second feature on the bill (accompanied by a DJ set and dance party) is intriguing:  1961's Blood Lust, about a crazed hunter killing humans for sport on an island. We haven't seen it, but it appears to be a rip-off of The Most Dangerous Game and a precursor to stuff like The Hunger Games (we're guessing it's ten times more awesome than The Hunger Games and nowhere near as awesome as Battle Royale).

Chip: "I look forward to grinding during this film."

See you at the movies!


And here's a photo of Bill Self running with his tongue out during last night's celebrity softball game in KC (one of the many lead-up events to tomorrow's All Star game). Self hit a homer and got booed by Missouri fans during the pre-game introductions, leading to this great quote in the LJ-World today: “I always kind of thought Mizzou people liked me for some reason. I guess I was off base on that a little bit."   We tried hard to find a photo of Self drinking martinis with Jon Hamm (another participant), but no such luck.

Kansas head basketball coach Bill Self rounds the bases after hitting a home run during the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game at Kauffman Stadium on July 8, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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