Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baiowolf Reunion and Doo-Wop at Day 2 of Lawrence Field Day Fest / Buzzy Show of the Week: Beach House and Wild Nothing at Liberty Hall

Our appearance at Day 2 of Lawrence Field Day Fest was short-lived, but we managed to catch Robocopter's hijinks (including a DEVO cover and  a Baiowolf reunion) and a short but sweet doo-wop party from Dean Monkey and the Dropouts. 

As typical of all our greatest rappers, Robocopter's set was heavy on guest appearances.  Tyler Waugh from New Suede appeared mid-set and Baiowolf's Sean popped up for the last two numbers.  It didn't take long for these gents to get shirtless and enter the crowd for a high-energy version of "Dumptrucks"  (favorite line: "Dumptrucks, ya'll, I'm doing science!").   The expanse of pale skin caused a glare that kept us from getting a good pic, but Sean's back is pictured below.  Rob ended the set with the statement that Baiowolf would reunite again for $25,000 on Kickstarter.

Prior to the Dean Monkey set, Max informed us that the Dropouts were "very drunk and very hot."  Even so, they delivered the fun and filthy doo-wop that we love so well ("Love Load" never fails to make Chip giggle for the rest of the evening:  "Fountains of love sweetly sprayed across your bed.").  You should (re)read our interview with Max over here .  And check out this shot of the band in action, complete with mohawk and shimmying dancers:

As near as we can tell, Field Day Fest was at least a modest success, and here's hoping it returns next year, ideally with even more bands and maybe an outdoor stage component (though we're certainly glad yesterday's events were indoors...holy fuck, was it hot!).


Beach House arrives at Liberty Hall on Tuesday and the buzz is building for the show.  The normally fickle blogosphere loves their new album Bloom just as much as it loved their previous Teen Dream:  a lot!   Chip's review is the same that he gives to all the "dream pop" bands:  "As beautiful as it is boring."  

Since everybody else is fawning over Beach House, we thought we'd be hip and pay attention primarily to the opening band, Wild Nothing.   Pitchfork gave their 2010 album Gemini an 8.2 (full review here ).  Just try to resist these blurbs:

"Gemini finds [frontman] Tatum constructing a striking, solitary monument to just about anyone who moped, sulked, or bedsat their way through the 1980s."

"Check the reflective bell tone in "Live in Dreams", the Cocteau Twins-like, artificial synth tom in "Drifter", and the Johnny Marr homage in the twinkly guitar fade-in that begins "Our Composition Book".
"Gemini is grand when it sulks."

We'll be sulking near the downstairs bar on Tuesday (and maybe nodding off during some of the evening's dreamiest moments).  See you there.

Here's Wild Nothing sulking on a log in a field, as we imagine they often do (Photo via a site called Parasites and Sycophants ) .


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