Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Scenester Picks: Leotards in LFK and Pale Hearts in KC / Plus: Ghosts of the Wetlands!

For many years, the Leotards had a reputation as the "most feared but least seen" band in LFK (free PBR for the first to recognize that quote).  But now they're all over the scene.   They'll be playing a free early gig at Fatso's tonight.  Yes, Fatso's.  It's technically a going-away party for a friend, but it's free and everyone is welcome to step inside and marvel at the vulgarity.  Band around 7:00, we think, and they never play longer than 25 minutes, so be punctual.  The Pic below is a recent tender duet with Stix and Tosser harmonizing on "Is That Your...?"  at the Replay.  If The Leotards would take 5 minutes to create a Facebook page for the band, we'd totally link to it right now.  But they're too "punk" for that.

Photo: Look: it's Iain Ellis and Stephanie Marchesi singing a tender duet at last night's Leotards gig at the Replay.  Since most of their song titles are unprintable on my FB page, let's just say they were singing "Islands in the Stream."

You may remember last week's interview with Rob from Sextapes (find it here).  Catch the man in action with his other new band, Pale Hearts, tonight in KC at the Record Bar. They're opening for the ever-weird Quintron and Miss Pussycat, known for their puppetry and "strange soundscapes based on inner-city field recordings of frogs."  You can find more details on Quintron at their official site and you can "like" and learn more about Pale Hearts at their Facebook page here (for instance, we just learned that they are "Flyoverland's topmost trash dance band for the freak scene.").

Here's Pale Hearts playing their 1st ever LFK show just prior to the 4th of July (doesn't it look exactly like a still from an early John Waters film?):

 And here's Quintron and Miss Pussycat (via The Stranger ).



After years upon years of legal battles, the South Lawrence Trafficway seems to have gained final approval this week and is poised to wreak havoc upon the Wetlands.  Sure, you've heard all the ecological arguments against the SLT, but an astute talkbacker in the LJ-World this week points out a problem that's thus far been overlooked:  ghosts!

KillerKitten says:  "Anyway, a lot of the bodies buried in the area outlined for the traffic way are children who died in the horrible conditions of the [Haskell] boarding school.  My whole point is this: Go ahead, build your road. Don't come crying to the opposition though when that becomes THE most haunted roadway in America."

Read the full story and wild talkback debate via the LJ-World article.


balanced for broadcast said...

yes! my front yard looks like its from an early john waters film. SUCCESS!

Anonymous said...

I love that photo!

Anonymous said...

Married couple duos are the new one-man punk rock band. Thankfully Quintron and Miss Pussycat will be playing LFK tmrrw night as well, with the Replay Records openers (Mouthbreathers, Dry Bonnet, Up the Academy)!!!

Anonymous said...

err... and by tmrrw night I meant Wednesday. which doesn't make much sense, unless they're vacationing in Larry, recording in Harveyville (like Kid Congo), or swinging back through after other midwestern tourdates

puppetry said...

Oh well, at least they will eventually wind their way back through LFK.