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Our Crossover Series With I Heart Local Music Is Back: Favorite Replay Shows

Today our crossover series with I Heart Local Music returns and we're finally considering our personal favorite bar in LFK.  That's right:  it's Replay time!   Head over to I Heart Local Music to check out our discussion of three different Replay memories (favorite "just before they hit it big" show; favorite local show; favorite patio show).  And down below you'll find I Heart Local Music's picks for their three favorite shows  (we're still pissed at ourselves for missing the recent Broncho show at the Replay, but we're hoping to catch them soon!).

Much like our partners-in-crime Richard and Chip, we could not pick just one Replay show. That venue really is a special place, so it deserves a little more attention. Here are some of our favorite memories at everybody's favorite watering hole.

August, 2008

While the Replay is home to some of the best garage rock acts you'll see in this part of the Midwest, one of my favorite shows there deals with a different genre. It's no secret I have soft spot for 8bit music and tunes created out of Game Boys. When we heard giveupnewyork was coming to the Replay, nobody showed up. It was just me and some of my closest friends. Of course, this isn't the first time this has happened at the Replay, but it never really bums us out. The way we see it, we get a fantastic set all to ourselves.

The man behind the music resurrected old raver days by handing out glow sticks and colorful candy (the edible kind) to the audience before the show. Despite a small crowd, he provided a lively and energetic set full of dance music. He was as lively as you could get on a gameboy.

Giveupnewyork wasn't the main electronic act that night. We can't remember who was, but we do remember that he spoke highly of cocaine and licked everyone on the cheek during the first song of his set.

Check out giveupnewyork here:

Nature Boys
December, 2011

It's always fun to come across a show where the fans just absolutely wreck the damn place. We know many shows like this have come to the Replay, but in our time it was the Nature Boys set in December of 2011 that just destroyed the damn place.

The Kansas City-based three-piece was actually everything I could ask for in a band. Nature Boys played a million-miles-per-minute, shredding so fast I could barely catch them on camera. They also have a pretty bitchin' woman on the mic. To me, this was a band that was a perfect blend of garage and punk (which is no surprise considering the band's history).

As I recall, the crowd wasted no time shoving the hell out of each other. When the band announced their final song, the crowd went nuts, beating each other up and flinging chairs everywhere. It was the best crowd meltdown I had ever seen.

Nature Boys at Replay:

June, 2012

Our more recent favorite show at the Replay was when Broncho decided to raise hell. The band's reputation preceded them, and fans came ready to rumble. They thrashed and pounded together like big sweaty slabs of meat. This was one of the more thrilling nights of rowdiness; and the closer the band got to the end of their set, the more their fans just clobbered the heck out of each other.

We talked to frontman Ryan Lindsey after the show, and he summed up everyone's feelings about the legendary venue. "I hear all this hype about Lawrence, and never understood it until I played the Replay."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Broncho fans and video:

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