Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Boys Discuss Holiday Traditions!

The traditional holiday ballet, The Nutcracker, has been given a Midwestern makeover by the Larryville Arts Center. It takes place in the "Prairie Kingdom" and incorporates elements such as John Brown, border ruffians and Delaware Indians, set to a "prairie score" using mandolins and mandola (LJ-World).

Richard: "In Romance, we change Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy to the 'Square Dance of the Local Bootleggers.' It's really pretty amazing."

Chip: "In this year's version in Forttt Scottt, we have a remarkably choreographed piece in which citizens line pennies in a row in an effort break the Guiness World record. I think you'll find it quite moving."


In this packed Christmas season, is there room for a new holiday tradition? Let's hope so, because on Wednesday, in theaters nationwide, for one night only, viewers can witness a filmed version of conservative news personality Glenn Beck's reading of "The Christmas Sweater" (with musical accompaniment). It's the story of a young boy who hopes for a bicycle for the holidays but instead receives a homemade sweater, which he initially hates but which probably ends up teaching him something important.

Chip: "The story is said to have strong 'Christian undertones' and I believe the sweater symbolizes God."

Richard: "I've been performing a local one-man show myself this season, which is dialogue-free and simply consists of me slowly eating a pumpkin pie on stage. has declared it 'a riveting statement about American consumption that especially resonates during these troubled economic times.' "

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cl.thier said...

"Delaware indians"?! Count me in!