Friday, December 19, 2008

The Boys Read the "Revised" Version of The Joy of Sex! / Plus, KU Vs. Joe College: The Battle Continues/ And the LC Shuts Down for the Holidays!

A lot of our hornier readers have surely been saying: "I enjoy important stories about the domesticated hedgehog crisis as much as the next person, but I sort of miss the days when the LC centered around 'boner humor' and tales of Dr. C. constructing a diorama of the 'g-spot' at Quinton's featuring four Corona bottles and some sugar packets."

Well, let's return to those sexy times today, faithful readers, as we consider the newly revised version of the 1972 classic The Joy of Sex, slated to hit bookshelves early next year. The book has been revised a number of times over the years, but the new version, revised by "British sexologist" Susan Quilliam, is "written, for the first time, for women as much as for men" (New York Times). It features a major section on the "clitoris," a subject that was largely overlooked by author Dr. Alex Comfort in the first volume, Quilliam explains, “Not because he was anti-clitoris...but because he just didn’t know” (NYTimes).

Chip: "This is exactly my position on the clitoris."

The new volume also seeks to examine the role technology is playing in sexual relationships. In the past, Quilliam says, "there were no...JDate, no Skype sex, and no such thing as 'teledildonics,' devices that allow partners thousands of miles apart to combine virtual sex with real sexual pleasure, via computer. There was no such thing as an MP3 player that doubled, in a pinch, as a vibrator." (NYTimes).

Richard: " 'Teledildonics' is my absolute favorite new word and here's an amusing discussion I found on-line: "There are places on line where you can go to learn to make your own teledildonics. These are inexpensive but require time and at least a little technical know how (or the patience to learn). These products work, but usually don’t look sexy and shiny and fresh out of the box."

Chip: "And if you don't have the time or technical know-how to make your own, I find that a hand also works."

Quilliam's revisions, quite naturally, examine the "elusive G-spot" and she also points out the existence of two other "pleasure points," which are "the A spot, deeper inside the vagina that the G spot, and the U spot, between the clitoris and the vagina." The boys, who have had more success locating the G spot since Dr. C's diorama, are both excited and apprehensive about this information but look forward to the search.

The new work eliminates many of Dr. Comfort's outdated notions about sexuality, such as his belief that "most men, given a young and attractive partner, can always get it's only when a woman lets herself go that he has a problem" (NYTimes).

Chip: "Outdated?"

Quilliam claims her primary goal is to "normalize" sex, claiming that "most people don't have screaming orgasms every weekend."

Chip: "It's true. I rarely scream."

Richard: "She is shattering many of my most cherished notions about Quinton's waitresses."


Just when you thought a truce had been reached in the battle between the university and Joe College, KU is once again filing a suit against the store and its unlicensed merchandise, claiming that the owner continued to sell many of the banned shirts after the agreement was reached.

Chip: "I'm stocking up while I can on 'Our coach is phat' shirts. They make great Christmas gifts."


Readers, the LC is closing up shop for the holidays, but we hope you return and join us after New Year's as we continue to explore the stories that matter most to you... such as whether Richard will fulfill his New Year's resolution to bang a sorostitute in the Chi Omega Fountain. Let's hope he does, because that would be pretty hot.


Threw up a little in his mouth said...

I think we would ll like the discussion of Kip's oily "self-spooning" to resume!

--Complete with a visual appendix!

Anonymous said...

Re: Last sentence.

No, no. That would be the opposite of hot. AKA, "not hot."

Please stop terrorizing your readers with images of Chip banging anything in any fountain.


Kip's male fanclub said...

I disagree.

I think America is ready to see what an oiled-up Kip looks like in bound leather assless chaps with a cat of nine tails jammed up his ass!

--The only way the LC could get more hip would be to indulge its large M2M contingent with some hot, furry, sticky, corpulent Pig on Kip action (I hear in Ft. Scott they call that a BLK Sammich.)

Dr. C said...

I'm glad there's a new revised version of The Joy of Sex. Along with Anais Nin and a typescript of a porn story about a woman running away from her necrophiliac husband (written by one of my mom's friends), this was one of the three most important documents in my sexual awakening.

Teledildonics is a cool word. I'd definitely like to see a visual appendix on these appliances.

Dr. C said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Beth!

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed!

Happy Birthday, B!! (Isn't this later in the month... or are we working on Unbirthday time?!?)

--The vile Dr. S!

cl.thier said...

Wow - necrophilia. Good work, Dr. C!


possibly Richard said...

No, Anonymous. It's RICHARD who's going to bang the sorostitutes in the fountain! And it's going to be fantastic!