Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Boys Dance Party of the Night!

The Faint is confusing for hipsters. The band is from Omaha, and those Saddle Creek bands are (or were) very hip. But yet the band's shows are well-known dance parties, and hipsters don't dance. Emotion and rhythm are uncool.

The Faint's show at Liberty Hall tonight is also doubling as a "coming-out" party for the new version of the website, so a large contingent of hipsters is expected, if only to voice their continuing displeasure with the site.

Here's the scoop from that very website: "Synth-core hipsters The Faint may be the best reminder in recent years that the '80s never really died. The Omaha band's most recent full-length "Fasciinatiion" is full of the same robotic jerkiness and Orwellian techno that characterized past efforts like "Danse Macabre."

If you go and find yourself dancing with a new lady or gentleman, try this line: "This Orwellian techno is hot!"... at which point they might recognize you as a fellow reader of and you can bond over the shittiness of the new site before going home and making out to Coner Oberst and Cursive.

Chip: "The band has misspelled 'fascination,' in their album title, adding two extra 'i's.' I believe that this is deliberate, and probably artsy."


Anonymous said...

...artsy. And therefore automatically worthy of being represented in performative dance at whatever shithouse [ahem] arthouse Nog witnessed the coming of the apocalypse at last week or whatever.

nog said...

We did not expect the apocalypse to come in the form of a 40-minute staged reading about abuse by a local playwright, but in retrospect I suppose this should not have surprised us.

cl.thier said...

"Orwellian techno"...that's meant as a joke, right? Surely, the writers over at aren't believing their own bullshit now and using nonsense phrases like "Orwellian techno" sincerely!

This smacks of gnostic turpitude.

war is peace said...

I believe that everything on is meant in serious hipster fashion.

As for myself, I'm only into Faulknerian barndancing!

cl.thier said...

I tried Faulknerian barndancing, but the latent racial tension involved turned me off. That, and people named after holidays.

Perhaps I'll give Nabokovian two-stepping a try. It's a strange blend of Russian and Oklahoman cultures. Yee-haw, comrade!