Monday, January 16, 2012

Scenester Pick for Tuesday: Daymoths at the Replay / Local Art Feud of the Week

At the LC, we're always on the lookout for adorable duos, and the husband/wife team of Minnesota's Daymoths (at the Replay on Tuesday) just might fit the bill. From what we've gathered on the interwebs, they're an organ/piano/drums duo who occasionally bring handmade soap to their shows!

Urban Tulsa Weekly says:

"The songs bring to mind the freakish contents of Victorian curiosity cabinets and would make for a great soundtrack to the most adorable little taxidermy shop you’ve ever seen."

If Animal Planet's American Stuffers gets a second season, perhaps Daymoths can do the score!

PLEASE watch this video of Daymoths' making unusual sounds in a pastoral setting.


In a recent LJ-World editorial, Richard Wingfield complains:

"If taking a picture of a mannequin in a field (Journal-World front page, Jan.10) is the kind of art Gov. Brownback is cutting funding to, please, governor, cut away. I would like my tax money spent on better roads."

Guess what, Richard Wingfield? The artist is not going to put up with your shit!

Emily Johnson responds:

"This is a message for Richard Wingfield (Public Forum, Jan. 12). Thank you for taking all of a paragraph to completely generalize the world of art. Art is ultimately about thinking, and it is clear you did little of that. The mannequin, you so easily tossed aside as irrelevant and absurd, symbolizes my mother. It is even more relevant because my most vivid memory of my mother involves her sewing clothes for me on a mannequin dress form. The baby dress on top of the mannequin’s “head” symbolizes me and the way my very existence can be a burden and a blinder, both financially and emotionally.

So, before you decide to attack art, me and, by extension, my family, perhaps you should do some thinking of your own. Even some abstract thinking if you’re up to it, because that is the kind we could use here in Kansas."

At the LC, we fully support any and all mannequin art, especially in fields.

Chip: "I support them not so much for the artistic value, but because they can double as scarecrows."


@BARRR said...

I still think this mannequin bullshit makes me hate art too

Anonymous said...

Grown men picking on an 18 year old college freshman. Sickening!