Monday, May 11, 2009

The Boys Look Ahead to This Friday's Hipster Extravanganza at the Jackpot! / Plus, a New Installment of "Look Who's Twittering!"

Readers, occasionally a show comes along that is so hip you probably won't even be allowed into it unless you know a secret hipster password ("Veckatimest* ") or are willing to buy the whole bar a round of PBR's. This week, that show is from Mammoth Life, a Larryville "collective" bringing their "kaleidoscopic art pop" to the Jackpot this Friday as part of the "Lawrence/Omaha pop showcase." Here's some information from their Myspace:

"The group is currently working on their sophomore release titled, An American Movement. A self described "spaghetti-pop, western opus" about a character that goes by the name of Boy Blue... it is said, “Boy Blue can do anything that he wants to do.” It is a romantic and introspective account about the author, but also a passionate and fanciful doctrine that asserts individuality, creativity, freedom acquired from knowledge, ego, critical thinking, perseverance and drive, and attainment… for this is to be an American movement."

Chip: "Oh, I do love spaghetti!"

Richard: Please go to their Myspace at and prepare for their show by listening to the song called “With Sanctity, Our Declaration” {Progress: The Metamorphosis Part 1 – Progress}" and watch their videos in our sidebar feature!"

The LC will be bringing you full coverage of the show, including the other bands in the showcase, later this week!

*Veckatimest is the name of Grizzly Bear's new record, which drops on May 26 and which will be discussed at Love Garden for the rest of the summer]


It's time for round two of "Look Who's Twittering," in which we examine the twitter feeds of local businesses and celebrities. This week's featured Twitterer is... The Bourgeois Pig.

Here's a sample entry:

"The Pig now has BEET INFUSED VODKA. That's right, beet."

Follow the Pig's Twitter feed at:


cl.thier said...

Please tell Mammoth Life that Ed Dorn called and he wants his concept back:

The question everyone is asking about The Pig's new beet-flavored vodka...

How would Dwight Schrute feel about it?

cl.thier said...

Oh, from

"Dorn’s high-spirited, crazy-quilt, complex anti-epic is a masterful critique of late twentieth-century capitalism and is one of the great comic poems of American literature. Dorn is one of the few political poets in America; this fantasy about a demigod cowboy, a saloon madam, and a talking horse named Claude Levi-Strauss, who travel the Southwest in search of Howard Hughes..."

A boy named blue...sheesh.

huge Mammoth Life fan said...

Oh, I'm sure ML could happily discuss their indebtedness to Dorn's work with you over Hamm's on ice after their show.

And another exciting show coming soon to the Jackpot: Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele! (ah, summertime brings out the most amazing hipster shows!).

nog, in his own voice said...

Actually, the Dorn poem sounds pretty cool. But the fact that "customers who bought this also bought" Robert Bolano's 2066 scares me a little. How many literary-hipsters who bought the Bolano actually finished it? Dr. X, did you finish it?

cl.thier said...

What is it with these hipsters and their "hip" instrumentation? Playing something few other people play doesn't automatically make your music any good, no matter what the semi-drunk hipsters might say.

"Did you hear about that new band from Tupelo, Wombat Prairie Fire?"

"No, are they any good."

"The lead singer plays a Fisher-Price guitar with no strings and the drummer just beats on the stage."

"So they're awesome!"

Replay-goer said...

I'd totally pay three bucks to see Wombat Prairie Fire. But not more than three bucks.

thor bernstein of wombat prairie fire said...

Don't worry, we only charge $2, and a canned good...not to help charity, but because our keyboard player doesn't actually play keyboards, but an 88 canned bell-like device that doesn't really make any discernible "music," but looks like an art installation, increasing our hipster cred tenfold.

Dr. X did finish 2066 said...

And I still have no fucking idea what I read!

Felt like they smashed four smaller books together and said to throw the monkey into the blender too!

--I will kick Kip's fat ass!

PS -- but it was pretty damned good!

a literary hipster said...


Myself, I only read Chabon. Sometimes Franzen. And Eggers, of course. Also Jonathan Safran Foer.

(a future blog discussion...yes!).

Dr. X talks the shit to you! said...

Eggers can't carry Sedaris cuddle sack.

And Sedaris would not let him no matter how much he'd willingly nuzzle the gravy tray!

--Word, fuckah!

chip said...


Are those authors? They sound vaguely foreign, and modern. I don't like modern or foreign, and modern foreign authors are a definite no-no in Forttt Scottt. We like our authors with real American names like Smith and Jones.

ft. scott literary society said...

We have three copies of "The Shack" and a complete collection of Field and Stream.