Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Rock and Roll, Beers and Bierocks

We're busy, but here are some quick picks for each night of your weekend.  DO these things.

It's an all-lady showcase at "Good Time" at the Replay.  Who are these ladies?  We don't know.  Go find out for us.  FB event page here.  Maybe Rob Riggle will drop by if he's in town for Homecoming events already.


And it's time to freak out once more (with comedy AND music) at Frank's on Friday.  Details here


There's wizard rock on the not-so-secret patio of Wonder Fair on Friday during Final Fridays.  Will you be one of the lucky few who gets in?  Details here.

And I Heart Local Music serves up another triple killer-bill showcase on Friday.  Where have those prolific Psychic Heat folks been hiding lately?  Details here.

We've been drinking Free State Oktoberfest beer for weeks already but this Saturday we'll drink it at St. John's Oktoberfest.  Details here.  Look at this photo presumably taken shortly before a bunch of people descended and began doing the chicken-dance.

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