Monday, September 29, 2014

KU Football: The Tradition Continues

In keeping with recent tradition, KU ousted head coach Charlie Weis on Sunday from the perpetually-sinking ship that is KU football.  Here's the LJ-World's front page: note the headline just below the article, from an unrelated story.

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Here is our favorite exchange from the KU Sports message boards:

Randy:  "All you trolls from our rivals go away. KU has had some fine moments in its program, has had some super players and is a school better than most in the conference, in one of the most delightful college towns in the country. There is no reason, none, for the University of Kansas to have a sub-par football program. Among all the things going for it KU is blessed to be in neither Oklahoma nor the state of Texas."

Robert: "Everything is just super great!"

Well, at least we got rid of the track at Memorial, right?

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