Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preposterous Sport of the Week: Bubble Soccer Arrives in LFK / Festival of the Week: Seedco Harvest Festival

Sure, the people watching and the hijinks in the stands at KVKL kickball are a lot of fun, but the games themselves are generally boring as dirt unless you're playing in one.  We're looking for a sport that's ridiculous ON the field.  Luckily, Bubble Soccer has arrived in LFK and will be taking over Watson Park for a few weeks of matches.  Yes, it's a game where you're encased in a bubble except for your legs and you smash into each other and roll around and shit.  Like this:

Check out the Lawrence Bubble Soccer page on FB here.


Sadly, summer festival season is over.  But, luckily, fall festival season has arrived.  SeedCo hosts a SeedCo Harvest Festival on Saturday in ELFK and the forecast is looking appropriately autumnal (or maybe more like winter, with lows in the fucking 30s already).  The FB event page promises 8 bands, 21 visual artists, and 16 food and drink vendors. $8 in advance and $10 at the door.   Sure, it's the same bands you see every night at Replay and Jackpot, but they're all in one place, and with music and art.  Don't pretend like you won't attend.  Hopefully Dean Monkey and the Dropouts are planning some kind of pagan harvest ritual in their doo-wop set.  Official website here

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