Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good Time at Replay: The Comedians' POV

Sure, we've talked about the ever-growing scene of the Thursday night "Good Time" events at the Replay from an audience perspective but today we asked a few of this week's showcase comedians to share their thoughts. Here's what Michael Pope and Amber Lehman had to say.  The FB event page for the event is here.

Michael Pope:

"I started seriously involving myself in the Lawrence comedy scene back in May, and was privileged (?) to be a part of the last Good Time show in the Eldridge basement, where cell phone signals (and my jokes) went to die. Nobody was really sure how well things would work out with moving to an earlier timeslot at the Replay, but I've been there damn near every Thursday for almost three months and it's been a fantastic experience. I work in Lenexa, but I still brave the horrors of K-10 rush hour each week just to make it in time for the open mic at 6:30. And that's saying something; K-10 is like the Wild West of highways. Every man for himself. The side of the road has more white crosses than a Klan rally.

This Thursday's showcase is my first for the Good Time show, and I'm hoping that with classes back in session the place will be packed with lots of 95-pound, 21-year-old Communications majors named Kelsi. We've got a great lineup this time around, with three talented comedians (and myself I guess) ready to make sweet comedy love to some faces. I hope your readers will come out for both the 6:30 open mic and the 8:00 showcase, throw back a couple $1.50 PBRs and tasty tacos, and vomit up some laughter in the friendly confines of the Replay (where I once saw a drunk asshole get literally picked up and thrown out the door like Jazz on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air)."

Amber Lehman:

"I’ve spent 23 years of my life making bad decisions and my set at Good Time shall be the culmination of my efforts. I’m very quiet and awkward which provides for a riveting stage performance. I can’t guarantee it but more than likely I’ll talk about poop or pee. If anything I’ve mentioned in the past three sentences appeals to you then you should come on down to the Replay Thursday night for a good time."

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