Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This Week in State and LFK Politics: Lapdances, Zombies, and Food Trucks

It's been a fun week for state politics. 

First off, the Brownback administration tried to run a smear campaign against Democratic challenger Paul Davis after learning he'd once been spotted receiving a lapdance in a rural Kansas strip club during a 90's police raid.

Chip:  "Who hasn't been?  I identify with him more now than I did before."

Apparently most voters agree, since it's largely been a non-story after the initial news.


Next, perhaps out of fear that the dead would literally rise and vote Democrat, the Brownback administration announced that the Governor would sign a proclamation declaring October to be "Zombie Preparedness Month."  We always thought the Republicans WERE the zombies, as this 2012 LJ-World photo from Mass. Street reveals:



Finally, here in LFK, the City Fathers are expected to (at least slightly) relax their death grip on local food trucks during tonight's City Commission meeting.  Let's hope so, or perhaps it will soon be time to recycle the City Fathers once and for all, as illustrated in this Bob Schumm photo via LJ-World.

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