Monday, September 22, 2014

Cultural Clusterfuck of the Week: Final Friday Plus Downtown KU Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally

It's always of interest when LFK's cultural worlds collide, and Friday's convergence of Final Friday and KU Homecoming events should be an odd mix (though we personally preferred last year's clash between the Homecoming Parade and the Zombie Walk on the same evening within an hour of each other).

At 6:00 pm, omnipresent KU alum Rob Riggle will lead the Homecoming Parade down Mass. followed by a pep rally on 8th street.  Will the festivities impede scenesters from getting to their preferred art galleries?  Will some of the fraternity bros hang around and find their way into Wonder Fair for some art and wizard rock? Who knows?

Either way, it's all gonna be more fun than the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer, if you catch our Riggle reference.

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