Monday, May 6, 2013

Nerd Nite 17 Preview / Kinks Kollective at Lawrence Arts Center / "Give Take Give" Dumpster Diving Project at Percolator

This Wednesday marks the first Nerd Nite in which we know all three nerds who are presenting, leading us to believe that we need to get our own acts together and get scheduled for a future event  (Chip:  "It takes a lot of research to compile a 'history of literary boners.'  Long, hard research, if you catch my meaning.  I'll be ready by 2015 at the latest.").

Here are this month's three presentations:

"From Bedroom Performance to Performance Art: The Rise of Air Guitar and the Dream of World Peace" by Eric "Mean" Melin

"Very Naughty Boys: The Story of Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'" by Abby Olcese

"Iconography: The Art of Judging a Book by Its Cover" by Jai Nitz

Please tell us the evening will end with all three presenters on stage together for a little air-guitar action!

And here's the bad-ass flyer. 


If you can't wait till Wednesday for entertainment, some old hippies will be performing an evening of Kinks' songs at the Lawrence Arts Center on Tuesday (7:30-9:00).  Our friend the noted rock scholar King Tosser will be on hand to kick off the evening with a song and a short piece about The Kinks from his recent book Brit Wits (available here via Amazon: we hear it makes a delightful Mother's Day gift!).   The evening is also slated to feature a Kinks hit performed in Sanskrit, which seems weird enough to warrant your attendance.  The Tuesday series has a website here and the shows are free but tips are encouraged.

And speaking of locally written books, we're getting more and more excited for Dave Loewenstein's "Give Take Give" dumpster-diving project and book release this weekend at the Percolator (even though we totally think they stole the basic concept from us:  here is a 2011 piece about our own dumpster-diving photography project).

The coolest part of Saturday's event will surely be the "show and tell" portion where you can relate your own greatest dumpster-diving experiences.  Visit the FB event page here.  We'll be discussing a portrait that we found abandoned near a dumpster during our own project.  We're still determined to find the girl in the picture!

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