Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sublime Theatrical Event of the Year: Buran Theatre Homecoming Show at KU; Album Release Parties of the Week: Muscle Worship at Replay and Pale Hearts at Frank's

Readers, do you remember the LFK theatre scene of 2008, when Adam Burnett and his merry band of pranksters in the Buran Theatre company somehow managed to book the main auditorium at the Lawrence Arts Center to perform a play called "Nightmares:  An Artful Demonstration of the Sublime" which was full of VERY nude people having a lot of simulated sex?

If you don't remember, let this critique from talkbacker "smerdyyakov" remind you:

"..while the foxy leading lady is continually presented fully nekked-perky breasts, nice butt, and shaven-ess for all to see, many times-her male counterpart is /not once/ so vulnerable on stage. He does shed his undies once (taking care not to reveal his bits and pieces to the audience) but really the whole production is no different than Hollywood's contradictory treatment of nudity."  

Read the original piece and talkback here.

Anyway, the Buran gang (now based in Brooklyn, because they were FAR too hip for LFK even in 2008) will be back in town at KU's Inge Theatre this weekend and performing Nightmares once again, though it now sounds like a wildly revamped and maybe even more experimental version.  We can't promise nudity in this new incarnation but, even so, it still promises to be the weirdest thing you'll encounter on local stages this year.  It will be performed Friday and Saturday at 7:30.  Visit the group's website here for more info and some video clips.

Welcome back, Buran.  We miss the brief era of adventurous theatre in LFK!

Here's the kind of thing you might witness:


Friday brings two major album release shows to LFK--one from Muscle Worship; one from Pale Hearts-- and the shows are a long drunken walk apart--one at Replay; one at Frank's.  So choose wisely. 

Check out the new Muscle Worship tunes via Bandcamp here .  They have some of our favorite titles of the year:  "Hans Christian Terrorist"; "A Firebreather Carefully Sobs"; "Don't Dang Doom."

Opening acts are Monsoon Lazer (featuring the JabberJosh boys) and Chicago's Truck or Dead Horse, who "play loud music for people that like loud music." 

Muscle Worship remains our personal pick for loudest band in LFK.  Could Truck or Dead Horse be even louder?  

 Müscle Wörship LP cover art

And across the river at Frank's, Pale Hearts will have an album release bash for Hollowtown.  We wrote about the new tunes last week prior to their gig at Spring Into Summer (sadly, that gig did not happen) and here's what we said:

"The title track of their new record Hollowtown features one of Chip's favorite lines of the year so far, delivered in Rob's trademark howl: "And you're fucking a hole through your phonebook again."  "Breakheart Mambo" sounds like a lost track from Lynch's Wild at Heart and might even get a few drunk/stoned scenesters to grind around on each other a little.  And, dark though it is, "High Plains Disko" (great title) gives off a Talking Heads-vibe that would make the crowd bounce exuberantly if scenesters were capable of such behavior.  Brush up on the new stuff via Bandcamp here." 

Opening acts are Jocks (which we believe contains a Vigilante or two?) and Fake Surfers.

Here's a sweet flyer drawn by Pale Hearts' Rob:

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