Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend Picks: Cowboy Indian Bear Album Release at LAC; Dean Monkey Doo-Wop at Replay; The Bourgeois at Jackpot; Mother's Day Events

Tonight's the big night:  Cowboy Indian Bear hits the LAC for their Live Old, Die Young album-release party, performing as a 9-piece band.  We're not sure what to expect, but our best guess is a big, soaring, Arcade Fire-y type of sound, though Chip is personally hoping they've merely added five scantily-clad back-up singers.  Spirit is the Spirit kicks things off at 7:30.  Free State Beer will be poured. 


If sultry indie-pop is not your thing of if you don't have the $10 bucks for CIB, our doo-wop pals Dean Monkey and the Dropouts are rocking the Replay patio matinee this evening with CS Luxem and Oils.  And it's not even going to snow tonight!  Drop by their Bandcamp site and learn the lyrics to "Love Load" before you go.  You'll be glad you did.

Dean's Steak House cover art

And don't forget to support our new Tulsa friends The Bourgeois at the Jackpot for your late-night boozing needs.  Reread our interview here


The Love Garden hosts a major noisefest on Saturday with Bloodbirds and Nature Boys.  We hear that food from Terrebone will be served.  Please let there be a huge bucket of hushpuppies circulating.

 Even scenesters love their mothers, and Sunday brings several Mother's Day-themed event.

Liberty Hall's Film Church is probably the darkest of these events:

And Truckstop Honeymoon takes the Replay patio stage for a Mother's Day matinee.  Truckstop doesn't bother with any kind of flyers for their Facebook events.  They're too busy with the kids!

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