Friday, May 24, 2013

More Weekend Music Picks: Slaughter Daughters at Replay; Nezbeat at Tap; Matt Clothier at Replay / Plus, We Discover a Poem About LFK!

Some of our weekend picks have already been showcased here (weird theatre from the Buran Company; album release parties from Muscle Worship and Pale Hearts).   But let's examine a few other possibilities as well.

Tonight's Replay matinee isn't listed on the Replay calendar, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.  We're more or less sure that Monzie Leo, along with an LFK band called The Gentlemen Geeks and a Wichita band called Slaughter Daughters, WILL be playing an evening of evil gothic folk music to start your Memorial Day weekend off with thoughts of murder and rage.  We're kind of hyped about Slaughter Daughters, who remind us a bit of the late/great Trailer Bride (if only they had someone playing a saw):   listen to "Watery Grave" and three other tunes via Bandcamp here .

Demo cover art


Saturday is for dancing and grinding. Our old pal Nezbeat is in town at the Taproom.  Dig this terrific flyer:


And on Sunday our friend Matt Clothier (you may know him from his window gigs at Burger Stand) makes his Replay patio debut opening for LFK folky/bluegrass outfits The Telephone Line and The Bus Company.  He knows some songs by Uncle Tupelo ("New Madrid") and Slobberbone ("Give Me Back My Dog").  And can he please learn Slobberbone's "The Pinball Song" prior to Sunday?  It's perfect for the Replay.

"I need a few good games of pinball
 and a double whiskey sour.
 I'll rinse it with a beer and repeat again."

We originally couldn't find the flyer for this show (it's now down below, and hilariously phallic), so we decided to run a Google image search and snag a pic of the Replay's pinball machines.  In so doing, we stumbled across a link to a long poem about Lawrence and the Replay written last year by the band Unicycle Loves You!  Read it in full here at their blog.  Below is an excerpt and the band's pic of the Replay's pinball machines:

"It was after 2am when we got paid.
By that time Lawrence had turned into a barf ‘n fuck shit show.
Hooting piggy back chases.
More pick up trucks blasting hip hop.
Sloppy floppies trying to escape horrible blouses.
For a dead night the streets were alive with debauchery."


Mal Content said...

Actually, there were flyers for this show in the window at the bar and on the FB page. It had a phone receiver that looked like a dick on it. How could you miss it?

Our flyer kids haven't been putting any up around town like they were supposed to. Maybe that's why.

boner phone said...

We suck. Flyer is now posted.