Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Interview With Tulsa's The Bourgeois: "...the Americana/Red Dirt stuff makes me want to die.".

The Bourgeois are rolling in from Tulsa to rock the Jackpot on Friday night and they're not even slightly as stuffy as their name might suggest!  They have a new EP called "We're All in the Gutter but Some of Us are Looking at the Stars" which you can download free from their official website here or stream via Bandcamp here .

Singer/guitarist Zach stopped by to chat with us about cheap booze, Ernest films, and clique-y music scenes.  Catch them with Monster and Night Flights at the Jackpot on Friday (it should start soon after the Cowboy Indian Bear show at LAC ends) and enjoy our interview.

Chip:  Tell us about the origin of the band’s name.  To be frank, based on the name alone, I’m a little worried that you’re all very sophisticated types who may look down on me and my simple PBR-drinking scenester brethren?  Also, you should totally pose for a group photo at the Bourgeois Pig while you’re in town!

Zach:  I think "The Bourgeois" was the only band name I came up with that wasn't an unforgivably bad pun, offensive to most, or both (The name "Velveteen Faggots" is still up for grabs, folks.)   We have terrible senses of humor, but we're not necessarily terrible people.  You can drink mouthwash at the show for all we care.  Cheap alcohol beats no alcohol every time.

Richard:  With song titles like “Perverting the American Dream,” “Be Your Own Machine,” and “Opium for the Masses,” it sounds like you gents may have some heady ideas on your mind in addition to (we assume) the usual sex, drugs, and rock and roll.   Tell us what you see as the themes of the EP.  And do you have a personal favorite lyric from one of the songs?

Zach:  "Perverting The American Dream" and "Be Your Own Machine" are both about possession-driven-self-imposed slavery or some hippie shit like that.  "Opium for the Masses" is about technology addiction and the need to share every intimate detail of one's life via social media.  All of the lyrics are amazing, so it would be impossible to choose just one.

Chip:  I love the title “Walk on the Oscar Wilde Side.”   Are you all Oscar Wilde fans?  And would it be possible for you to maybe perform a few scenes from The Importance of Being Earnest between songs at the Jackpot.  Because that shit is funny!

Zach:  No, but we'll be performing Ernest Goes To Camp in it's entirety. 

Chip:  Oh, that's even funnier!
Richard:  What’s the Tulsa music scene like?  Because I’m gonna level with you here: the Lawrence scene can be pretty incestuous at times and it’s often damn hard to get people out to the Jackpot to see a band they don’t know on a Friday night.

Zach:  Some of the venues are cool here.  Some of them make you fill out a clique application form before they book you.  Tulsa can be cool, but the Americana/Red Dirt and the Ambient/Artsy stuff make me want to die.

Chip:   Leave us with a few sentences to convince our readers that they absolutely MUST take a chance and witness the Bourgeois in action this Friday!  (hint: mentioning PBR is probably a good idea here).

Zach:  Shit, this is on Friday?  I don't know if I can make it.

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