Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Recap: Baiowolf Reunion, Har Mar Superstar, Frank's Anniversary Bash, and Lawrence Phoenix Festival Preview

We kicked off our weekend early on Thursday with the Baiowolf reunion show at the Granada and are pleased to report that their songs are indeed timeless or, at any rate, at least as much fun as they were two years ago.  See them for the hijinks, but stick around for the trenchant observations on cultural and masculine expectations:  "School is for pussies, work is for pussies, even pussy is for motherfucking pussies."

And did you realize that Har Mar Superstar has reinvented himself as a rather remarkable soul singer?  Don't believe us?  Go here and listen to "Lady, You Shot Me."  But Har Mar hasn't completely put his shenanigans behind him: the shows STILL end with him prancing around in his underwear.


Over at the weekend-long first-anniversary bash at Frank's North Star, even Dennis (decked out in pajama bottoms and a KU basketball jersey) was on hand for MAW's performance on Saturday.  He's apparently developed quite a fixation on them, stationing himself front and center all night with one of their albums in hand.  Sadly, Dennis is pretty much the only one who heard anything from MAW, as the sound was absolutely fucked for their set.

Faring better, sound-wise, was opening act Art Dodge (with Mrs. Dodge).  They kicked off the evening with a terrific cover of the George Jones/Tammy Wynette duet "We're Not the Jet Set," which served as a fitting tribute not only to the Possum but to Franks bar as well:  "We're not the jet set, we're the old Chevro-let set / Our steak and martinis is draft beer and weinies."   Another highlight was a naughty, revamped version of the Dodge classic "She's So Kind" sung by Mrs. Dodge and now containing a lyric about a blowjob.  We couldn't hear the line exactly, but it was damn funny anyway.

Original lyrics:  “I just blew all of my wife's money on some bourbon and a... rock 'n' roll show”


And today we stopped by the (chilly) Art in the Park festival and chatted with the dude who's trying to put together the Lawrence Phoenix Festival, which will involve the burning of a giant phoenix effigy to symbolize LFK's resurrection after Quantrill's Raid.  He seemed like a nice fellow and VERY passionate about burning things.  We wish him the best.  Below is a "half-scale model" of what the effigy will look like.  Give them a "like" on FB here and lend your support.

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