Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Spring Into Summer Recap (Patio Portion): Y[our] Fri[end] , Naomi What? , and Approach / Plus, Bike-In Theater Returns to the Replay

Most of you who are reading this probably arrived at the Replay's Spring Into Summer Fest around 11:00 and found it reasonably packed, but we can assure you that the early-evening patio portion was (once again) woefully under-attended, proving that scenesters (as we forecast last week) will NOT show up early to anything, not even to hear their friends' bands.

So here's an unpopular idea that would actually draw people to the patio for the early part of the Fest (assuming that the Replay actually wants a crowd there):  book an unhip band like Truckstop Honeymoon whose fanbase is both diverse AND actually willing to show up before the sun sets.  That would still leave plenty of time after 10:00 for five or six bands with various combinations of Rooftop Vigilantes in them.

Despite the poor patio attendance (and it probably didn't help that 2 out of the 5 scheduled bands didn't actually play), there was plenty of fun to be had.

We watched Y[our] Fri[end], playing with just a drummer in this incarnation, riding a sweet psych-folk groove to kick off the evening.  Our excellent photography skills captured Taryn with her back to the crowd (Cat Power style!).

Naomi What? (we love the question mark in the band name) resurfaced to play a jolly little set with songs about shopping at Costco and such:

And local rhyme-slinger Approach spent most of his impressive set stalking the dance floor ("I'm gonna own this area right here") to close out the pre-DJ patio portion of the evening.  Our friend Stix called his performance "the best thing that's ever been done at the Replay."  Approach chose to play in near-total darkness, so we didn't even bother trying to take a pic. But here's a nice crowd shot from earlier in the evening: the guy in front gets the prize for best hat but our friend King Tosser (holding court in the background) gets the runner-up prize.

Classic Replay moment:  free PBR tshirts and Boulevard tshirts were available to the first 100 guests to arrive, but the doormen didn't actually start giving them away until after there were 30 or more people already in the bar, so people had to go back up and request their rewards.

Classic Replay moment, Vol. II:   Approach ended his set by thanking all the hard-working bands who had played throughout the day "at 5, 6, 7, and 8," despite the fact that there were only two bands before him and the first one started at 7:30.

Now head over to I Heart Local Music here for reviews, pics, and videos from all the sets that were too loud for our gentle ears (sorry we had to miss The Regrets) as well as great use of the word "katamari," which according to the Urban Dictionary definition means "a giant rolling ever-expanding ball of crap that nobody ever notices, until it rolls them up."  

Chip:  "Though perhaps inadvertently, that's probably the best description of a Replay event that's ever been written!"


Watching special screenings of old(er) movies is so hip these days, and the Replay's summer film series (Bike-In Theater) returns on Tuesday with Dazed and Confused followed by a DJ set from DJ Modrey Hepburn.  Instead of making an "all right, all right, all right" reference, let's go with another reference and say that this event would be a whole lot cooler if someone brought some weed along. The movie (supposedly) starts at 9:00.

And speaking of Linklater, we really think Liberty Hall should organize a screening of all three of his Before films to coincide with the impending release of Before Midnight, which we're hearing is a straight-up masterpiece!

"It is hard to think of anything quite like the Before triptych in the history of American movies." --Film Comment

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