Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras in LFK / Night Beds at Jackpot / Nerd Nite 14 Preview

It's Fat Tuesday in LFK, which means the annual musical Mass. Street march from Aimee's to Free State has been going strong.  We tagged along for a few blocks and settled in for the Free State festivities. 

A few pics:

Bumblebee Man and Tyler Gregory:


Mike West leading the "Mardi Gras Mambo" on the street corner:

Topical Mardi Gras humor!

A bad-ass costume:


Good work, LFK, except for the lack of boobies, which Lawrence never seems to understand is an ESSENTIAL part of the celebration.  You'd think a town famous for starting the "Boobment" could step it up a bit in that regard.


Our music buddies over at the Yankee Calling blog (check 'em out here ) tipped us off to an interesting Jackpot show this evening:  Night Beds.  Read  this this Guardian piece and be convinced.  Night Beds debut album, Country Sleep, was apparently recorded in a pre-Civil War home once owned by the Man in Black, which is hip enough on its own to lure you out on a Tuesday.  Even Pitchfork is impressed (7.7) writing of Night Beds' Winston Yellen:

"The guy is blessed with jump-out-of-the-gym vocal athleticism and throughout Country Sleep, it's unclear whether he's a showoff or if he's still trying to figure out how to corral it. Though there’s a fair share of C&W formalism and cask-aged drawl, Yellen's more of a Buckley or even a Banhart in terms of his ability to work without strcuture. A diva, in other words." (full review here ).

Try not to get drunk and yell "Diva" at him, though.  He might not like that.



And Wednesday brings a major Nerd Nite event at Pachamama's in which the nerds have partnered up with the Lied Center and the "It Gets Better" project, which is in town for a week of events culminating in a Saturday event at the Lied.

The presentations:

 "How Gay Men’s Choruses Helped Shape the Gay Rights Movement (1978-Today)" by Bill Bowersock, Show Producer for the It Gets Better production

"Reparative Therapy: A Nerdy Perspective on a Hot Social Issue" by Ruth Ann Atchley, Ph.D.

"Galileo's Finger and the Diffusion of Innovations" by Liesel Reinhart, Writer and Director

Chip:  "For one night, and one night only, out of respect for the It Gets Better project, I will NOT bully the nerds who are in front of me in the beer line."


 Nerd Nite 14: Love will Keep us Together

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