Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Interview With The Rouge: "We like PBR and most things alcoholic and we were wondering if you guys wanted to watch some Gilmore Girls?"

The Rouge is an ex-Denver band currently making its way in Music City, and they are bringing their well-crafted indie/Americana tunes to the Bottleneck on Tues. Feb. 12 along with local badass Y(our) Fri(end).  The Rouge has a new EP called Blurry (on Atlantic Records) which will hit the streets on that very day, which also happens to be...Fat Tuesday, folks!   It's going to be a party.  Hopefully some of you kind LFK revelers will see fit to show the band your boobies.    

Give The Rouge a "like" on FB over  here and enjoy our chat with Josh and Nick, lead singer and drummer, in which we talk about the hipness of Denver, what it means to be "mature," and the likelihood of the band hooking up with Taylor Swift in Nashville.  All that and a reference to one of our favorite running jokes on Parks and Rec!  Great job, Rouge! 

Chip:  What’s the origin of the band name?  Do you guys wear a lot of makeup or something?

The Rouge:  Beards are our makeup. A magical unicorn (a little redundant) flew into our kitchen window (it was a Lil Sebastian-sized unicorn) and told us to take the moniker because it was good luck.

Richard:  I’ve heard and enjoyed your new EP Blurry, which lands on the same day as the Bottleneck gig, and I think my favorite track is “Handcuffs,” which is full of great phrases like “looking metal in an indie way” and “let’s make love until we throw up.”  Tell us some of the stories behind that song.  Also, what’s your personal favorite line from the album?

The Rouge:  "Handcuffs" is a song about Denver.  We started the band there and had quite a few nights of "celebration." Seems like you can celebrate every night in Denver.   Sputnik is a bar on Broadway that we would frequent as it was "stumbling distance" to our yellow house.. There was a bartender named Matty that worked there who was in a band named Taun Taun. They were totally metal in an indie way.  He looked tough as nails in skinny jeans.  He was and is awesome.  "Make love until we throw up."  Me (Josh) and my ex were nuts...crazy sausage!

Favorite lyrics : "I don't mind singing for the devil in eternity. As long as till I die, you can be the one to sing me to sleep." -- Nick aka Slim

Chip:   It seems like every press blurb for Blurry mentions your newfound “maturity.” Does this mean you guys are going to adjourn right after the show to go watch Downton fucking Abbey or something, or will you stick around and have some beers with us?

The Rouge:  We like PBR and most things alcoholic and we were wondering if you guys wanted to watch some Gilmore Girls?

Richard:   We know that the band moved from Denver to Nashville a few years back.  Compare and contrast the two music scenes for us.  And what’s the best show you ever saw in Denver at the Hi-Dive?

The Rouge:  Denver is such a fascinating and hip-as-shit scene. It is an intense and glorious time. Lots of quality music, lots of quirky musicians, hipsters, oldsters, hippies. The Baker neighborhood is a haven of creativity and class. We love Denver.  It's where we grew from boys to older more wiser boys.  We got our asses kicked.  Everybody needs a good ass kicking..

Nashville...the music industry city.  It's hard to find 'music fans' when everyone is a 'musician' We've met tons of great people and made fantastic relationships. But it's hard to make the same impact as in Denver.  Or maybe it's just us?  Either way the creative energy can be very plastic.. or for the dollar dollar bills, ya'll.  More about the 'cut' than the love of music, love of emotion.  But, hell, the people are sweet as pie. And like it or not we are another cog in the machine. Rebellious little cogs we are!!!

Born in the Flood at the Hi-Dive changed the way we wanted to play music.  Shit, so did the Hi-Dive.  We love that venue..

Chip:   Do you have any good tales about rubbing shoulders with famous Nashville country stars? Have any of you made out with Taylor Swift?

The Rouge:  Our roomate C3PO has an extraordinary crush on Taylor (I call her by her first name because I think we will know her someday).   C love (another name for C3PO, or Chris) is convinced they will someday be together..... loving matrimony.  And we wish him the best on his journey to becoming Dr. Swift.  We suspect he will receive a doctorate upon consummation.

Richard:   Leave our readers with a blurb to convince them that they absolutely MUST come to your Bottleneck show on the 12th.

The Rouge:  If we sell out the Bottleneck on the 12th,  I (Josh) will start the longest fucking conga line of all time. We will take it to the streets, clothing optional,  because its Lawerence Fucking Kansas!


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