Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Art Picks: LFK Throws a FIRST Friday (and maybe Saturday, in one case) Due To Snow

We've sort of fallen out of the scenester art loop of late, but--as near as we can tell--a lot of last week's Final Friday events were cancelled due to the snowstorm and will happen this week.  The Final Fridays Wordpress site here has a list of galleries that are supposed to be open this week.  So...LFK will be feeling very much like KC as we enjoy some FIRST Friday art.

Our picks:

Wonder Fair serves up "Cheese and Rice Sonic Rush."  Visit the FB event page here for full info.  An excerpt:

"Inspired by Humour Noir and Bizarro Fiction, ‘Cheese and Rice Sonic Rush’ is an ironic composition of consumer culture banality, wherein the viewer is invited to empathize with sell-outs and hypermarkets.  The work presents a comedy whose familiar characters are cast from the shelves of convenience stores and the ad columns along side Internet browser windows."

Chip: "?"

Richard: "If I knew how to make art, this is exactly the kind of art I think I'd want to make, at least thematically."

Chip:  "Is this a Coke can covered with cheetos?"

 Andy Hadle | Cheese and Rice Sonic Rush at the Wonder Fair

Over at the Blue Flame Gallery (are you hip enough to know its location?), Sean Minton's "We Are The Stuff of Stars" (watercolors and illustrations) will be accompanied by live music from La Guerre. FB event page here ; our old interview with La Guerre over here (actually, it's the very first interview we did!).  The last time we were at Blue Flame, Tyler Gregory was playing, and we predict he'll try to jam with La Guerre at some point in the evening.

we are the stuff of stars

"Hucksters, Barkers, and Sideshows" at the Percolator also intrigues us.  The FB event page here lists it as happening on Saturday, which seems...confusing (but presumably it's correct?).  There will be a lecture from Erika Nelson, who will discuss "snake-oil salesmen, the carnival culture of Kinsley (Midway, USA), and the infamous “goat gland doctor,” John R. Brinkley of Milford, among others."

Chip:  "There BETTER be corndogs on sale at this lecture, and deep-fried Snickers and deep-fried butter on a stick."

What else is essential viewing/listening on this rare First Friday (and maybe Saturday)?  Let us know.

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