Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Week in KU Basketball: Meltdown! / Scenester Picks of the Weekend: Double Dose of Berwanger in LFK

With a stunning one-two punch of an unexpected home loss to Oklahoma State that shattered the second longest home win streak in the nation and an unforgivable road loss to the puny horny toads of TCU, it's been a tough week for KU basketball.

Bill Self says: “It’s the worst team Kansas has ever put on the floor since Dr. Naismith was here. I think he had some bad teams when he lost to Topeka YMCA in his first couple years."

Let's see how the fans are handling things on the LJ-World talkbacks:

leftylucky blames "the curse of KU endowment and Rock chalk park." 

FluteinD says:   "I'm going to put KU's offense on a milk carton. I think I last saw it in December, and that's long enough to warrant a search party."

flloyd says:  "ROCK, CHOKE CHICKEN HAWK!!!!!

And what about our old pal Chip:  "Not even KU Boobs is making this loss easier to handle.  But I suppose some naked ones might."


Maybe you should forget about sports for awhile with some rock and roll.  It's a Berwanger weekend in LFK, as the new(ish) band brings their "Rock n' Power Rust" to the Jackpot tonight on a quadruple bill that has an intriguingly groovy flyer:

You scenesters certainly know Josh Berwanger from The Anniversary and The Only Children, so you'll want to check out the new stuff.  While you're there, make sure to ask Hidden Pictures' Richard about his recent trip to New Zealand's finest hobbit holes.

On Saturday, Berwanger crosses the street to the Replay for a triple-bill with Soft Reeds and Dark Satellites.  It will be a good way to have some fun before Saturday's likely KU road loss to Oklahoma.

But the absolute best Berwanger flyer is this one from an upcoming show in KC.  We're big fans of Country Mice, so it's too bad we're usually too lazy to make the trek to KC:

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