Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Picks: Purple Rain at Liberty Hall; Ladies' Love Songs At Percolator; Broncho at Jackpot

Readers, if you're like us, you're finding it hard to get laid this Valentine's Day without the aid of Boulevard's delicious Chocolate Ale (since they frustratingly decided not to bottle that much-in-demand aphrodesiac this year).   But perhaps Liberty Hall can help you out with a screening of Purple Rain followed by karaoke. If it's half as fun as the recent Stop Making Sense/karaoke evening, it should be pretty fun indeed.  Let's go crazy!

Chip:  "I'll be singing 'Darling Nikki," because that line about her 'masturbating with a magazine' in the hotel lobby always gives me a boner."

And the Percolator is hosting a romantic event called  "Pot O'Honey" : "an evening of Love Songs...performed by an All-Women cast of Lawrence Musicians."  We're not sure if they realize that The Silos actually contains our male friend King Tosser, local punk scholar and vulgarian, who may well be burned at the stake by the ladies at the Percolator's ever-present campfire before this night is done.

If you're less inclined toward romance, you'll certainly want to end your evening at the Jackpot, pushing and shoving your friends around in a sweaty fury with Broncho, Up the Academy, and The Sluts.  Then again, Broncho's "Try Me Out Sometime" is pretty fucking romantic (as well as a very great song).

BRONCHO (OKC)!  Up The Academy(LFK)! The Sluts(LFK)!

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