Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Important LFK Music Event of the Week: SXSW-Fest at the Jackpot / Important LFK Music Reminder of the Week: Farmer's Ball Deadline Is Near

It's not easy for broke-ass scenesters to make their way down to SXSW in Austin, so our friends at the Jackpot and I Heart Local Music have put together two fine evenings of entertainment (for $5) to benefit a bunch of the artists who are making the trek.   Check out the I Heart Local Music coverage here for full info and information on all the bands (although, as a scenester, you should already be more than familiar with these bands).  And visit the FB event page here .


Speaking of raising money for bands, musicians should be especially excited about this year's Farmer's Ball competition, which is offering cold hard cash instead of the usual studio time to the first and second place acts:  $2000 and $1000 bucks.  That will buy a lot of PBR.

The deadline to submit music is looming on March 1 with the competition itself scheduled for late April.  Visit the KJHK site here for all the info.  And please, someone step up with a band that's delightfully twee! We're getting bored with all this raucous garage rock (although Chip's raucous garage rock project, Boner Party, has already been submitted).


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