Monday, February 25, 2013

Scenester Pick of the Week: Marty Hillard's Birthday Bash at Bottleneck With Cowboy Indian Bear and Much More / Django Unchained at Liberty Hall

Readers, we've been on a bit of a hiatus here at the LC, and that's likely to continue for a bit.  If you like, you can pretend we were cancelled by NBC and our "show-runner" was fired.

Chip: "So now we only pop up occasionally, Community-style, with boner jokes that are only about half as clever and "meta" as before."

Anyway, we wanted to make sure and pop in today because we (like most of LFK) think that Marty Hillard is pretty fucking awesome and you all need to know about his birthday bash with Cowboy Indian Bear at the Bottleneck this Saturday, March 2.  Also on the bill:  Cloud Dog, Soft Reeds, and Paper Buffalo.  Visit the FB event page here for full info on the bands and the show, and know that a portion of the proceeds go to Family Promise of Lawrence, so you'll be doing a good deed while shaking your asses on Saturday.

Reread our old interview with Marty over here (it's mostly about his Ebony Tusks project) and reread our Cloud Dog interview here .  We hope those Cloud Dog gents aren't out practicing shirtless in the snow this week, or they might catch frostbite of the nipples.


Sure, they show a lot of sports on their big-screen these days, but we assure you that Liberty Hall is still a movie theater!  And we suggest you sled your way down there this week and catch the Oscar-winning Django Unchained (congrats Christoph and QT)  in lovely 35mm this week.  They just opened it up over the weekend and we're told it look great and is even more awesome when you pair it up with some Free State beer (we recommend at least three during the film, one per hour).  It's playing at least till Thursday, so check it out, along with the Oscar-winning Best Foreign Film Amour (Chip:  "Beware, you have to read the sonofabitch!") and the Oscar-nominated shorts (both live-action and animation).  Visit the recently remodeled Liberty Hall website here.  Now that's a bingo...if you catch our Christoph reference!

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