Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekend Show Preview: Tapes 'n Tapes / Plus, a Larryville "Missed Connection"

Tapes 'n Tapes is a good example of the fickle taste of the scenester world, as illustrated in this middling 5.5 Pitchfork review of their new album, Outside:

"In 2005, it was surprising-- occasionally, even thrilling-- to hear such indie rock élan from a new band. The music was youthful and fresh, the sound of a band who seemingly happened to get famous for its wide-eyed, innocent hero worship. This, however, is the sound of a band trying desperately to get back to that exuberance, and failing."


"The trouble with Tapes 'n Tapes is that they sound a little like a lot of bands but never very much like any one band-- namely, themselves."

Richard: "Isn't that last statement true of at least 90% of all hipster bands?"

So, even though they've lost a little of their critical luster, tomorrow night's show at the Jackpot might still be worth checking out for openers Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr, a Detroit duo whose Horse Power EP has a cover that Chip finds "delightful."

Chip: "It's a colorful pony!"


It's been a long time since we showcased a Larryville "Missed Connection" from Craigslist. Here's one that appears to be from a good-hearted citizen yet still creeps us out terribly:

"I just wanted you to know that me and my friend were NOT trying to molest you. I almost hit you with my truck when I was dropping my friend off around 2am on Sun. February 27. You were standing in the middle of Mass. St. near Central Jr. High, you were on the phone. You seemed very drunk and we didn't want to see you get hit by a car or get arrested, so we tried to offer you a ride to where you needed to go. You were too drunk to communicate with us and then you walked back into the middle of the street. Some people pulled up and you got into their car. I hope they were you friends and that you didn't get raped."


Capt Request said...

Missed Connections are awesome. In this one, the man's desire to sexually assault this woman was trumped by the desire of the men in the other vehicle. Survival of the fittest, dear friends. I hope the LC will showcase more missed connections. Maybe a weekly spot?

Craigslist is very useful said...

It helped Chip find the best glory hole in town.

Yes, we love showcasing Missed Connections but (surprisingly) it's hard to find great ones. We will do our best.

Kinky Euro Captain said...

Fair enough. In the meantime, let's compare glory holes. This could be the Captain's next great opportunity at journalistic excellence: Gloryhole journalism. Just has a nice ring to it.