Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Boys Celebrate Fat Tuesday / Larryville Prepares for UFO Conference

It's Fat Tuesday, readers, and we've been downtown all day marching with Truckstop Honeymoon's Mardi Gras parade, drinking homemade Hurricane's out of a thermos, and asking women to show us their tits. Why the aversion to public nudity, Larryville? We thought you were liberal?

Chip: "The only time you can count on a public titty display in this town is if we win the national championship."

We snapped a few photos from the stairwell at Free State during the post-parade concert, and you can view the whole parade (courtesy of Chewyfally and Channel 6 News) via our link in the sidebar today. Which reveler is Chip? Try to guess.


Occasionally Larryville decides we don't have enough kooks and eccentrics of our own and insists on inviting more to town. Prime example: BuskerFest. Upcoming example: the Reykawvik Summit, bringing a "rare consortium" of UFO experts to Liberty Hall for a conference on March 18-20.

Chip: "I look forward to telling them that there are more important things that live in outer space than little green men. Yes, I'm talking about God."

Richard: "I've already perused the schedule and circled my 'must-hear' presentations, such as 'The Connections Among: ETs, Shadow People & Djinn' and 'Shoot Them Down" The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952.'

Go here to learn more, purchase tickets, and read why Larryville is the perfect location for this conference:


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