Sunday, March 27, 2011

KU vs. VCU: Our Obligatory Elite Eight Post

KU's Elite Eight match-up between this year's "Cinderella," VCU, is fast approaching, and we imagine many of you are drunk already.

Chip: "I haven't been this nervous since KU/Davidson in 2008. I love my Jayhawks, but if we lose today I will boo and jeer them until next year's Madness."

Always forward-thinking, the LJ-World is already printing articles about how the Larryville PD is amping up its police presence for next weekend's Final Four crowds downtown.

In the talkback, Kris_H offers this suggestion on how best to deal with the crowds:

"How about plenty of trash barrels so the drinkers can be responsible enough to throw away their own plastic cups? Oh, wait, then they might throw trash barrels."

Richard: "That's right. If we lost during the Final Four, I'd totally throw a trash barrel through the window of the nearest pizzeria, just like Mookie in Do The Right Thing. I'd possibly do the same thing if we won."

Most fans are (over?) confident going into today's game. But what about the team?

In an LJ-World piece today, Marcus Morris says:

“I enjoy being the Goliath. We’ve been a No. 1 seed two years running, and we’ve been Goliath two years running. When have we ever been Cinderella? I don’t think ever in the history of Kansas we’ve been Cinderella."

Chip: "Marcus tends to mix up his Bible characters and his Disney characters. He's possibly also forgetting that David slayed Goliath. But in some ways I prefer his mixed-metaphor. Can you imagine pretty-princess Cinderella slaying Goliath? I can't."

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