Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final Friday Recap / Elite Eight / The End of Hipster Runoff

In Larryville's Friday night showdown between basketball and art, we're pretty sure that basketball won. But, as for us, we found time to squeeze in a little art during halftime and after the game.

First we stopped at Invisible Hand for Dave Loewenstein's "Them," an examination of the idea of "the Other," a perennial favorite term of literary types such as ourselves (Chip: "Are hipsters Others?"). Loewenstein gets our vote for the most timely work of art we spotted last night: a silhouette of a pig-eared Virgil Peck (he of the recent, infamous, "feral pig" immigration comments).

Next we stopped at Wonder Fair to chat with BARRR about the value of the scenester "mustache art" on display down at Teller's (verdict: we prefer other kinds of art).

And, post-game, we basked in the glow of Leo Hayden's paintings of Mario Chalmers at Henry's Upstairs, beginning to dare to dream that KU might be headed toward one more championship game.

Chip: "Actually, I'm fairly certain VCU will beat us tomorrow."


While visions of NCAA championships dance in the heads of most Larryvillers, plenty of interweb pundits are poking fun of our "easy" route to a possible Final Four and beyond. Look at these thoughts from a piece on containing this headline: "Kansas turning into NCAA Tourney's embarrassment: Easy draw (not pregame tussle) taints title race":

" team in the history of college basketball may have received the E-Z pass lane to the national championship game that Kansas has..."Not at all," Kansas forward Marcus Morris says in the Kansas locker room on being asked if the talented Jayhawks crave a test in the tournament. "I feel like we have been tested. It doesn't matter what the seeds are. These are good teams." And Hot Tub Time Machine was a good movie."

Chip: "First off, Hot Tub Time Machine WAS a good movie, so the logic here is lost on me. Second, even though I'm a raging pessimist when it comes to KU basketball, I urge you to ignore and turn instead to the Atlantic's piece called 'March Madness: If You Root Against Kansas, You Root Against America," which contains this bit of pure truth: "...rooting against KU also means that you support slavery, hate America, and want the President of the United States to fail.'"

Read the piece here:

And read the Atlantic piece here:


An important era in hipster history ended yesterday when mysterious blogger Carles, of Hipster Runoff, called it quits with this final message:

"I think I've accomplished everything I wanted to with this project. I can't imagine myself blogging about anything else ever again because I feel like I have already blogged about everything and I am just a slave to boring alt memes. It's probably time to move on and find a real career & some challenges that can actually make the world a better place.

Thanks for the memories. We had a good run. I apologize to every one who I have hurt.

The Blogger Formerly Known as Carles."

Richard: "It's a touching message, and we're also pondering shutting down the LC to accomplish better things (on Twitter). When that happens, we'll also apologize to those we've offended along the way, primarily Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains."

Chip: "In the meantime, can I be the new Carles?"

Sure you can, Chip, but you have to abandon the impeccable grammar of your boner jokes and start writing like this:

"...there is some sort of krazie sex party going on in the video. Steve Aoki is trying to brand himself as HARD... hard core, hard bangers, hard peens, hard sex, hard drugs, hard everything. Sorta get scared by this video, but at the same time, rlly, rlly turned on."


Here's a piece from Loewenstein's "Them":

And here's the greatest piece of art we've seen recently, on display at the 6th Street Hy-Vee, according to our Twitter-sources (Chip: "Finally I understand the term 'pop art.' Get it?"):

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BARRR said...

agreed. that jayhawk soda pieace is the best art in lawrence ever....