Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final Friday Art Guide / Tips on Drinking PBR

Tomorrow brings an interesting cultural conflict to Larryville: should you watch KU's Sweet Sixteen match-up against Richmond, or should you go out and look at art for Final Fridays? Since most of Larryville seems to be treating this weekend's game(s) as a mere formality along KU's inevitable road to the Final Four, we assume that most of you will choose art.

Chip: "Or perhaps some of the galleries will have the game on, so I can look at sports INSTEAD of art?"

Here are our picks for this month's event:

We're especially excited about "Build This Cardboard Thing" at the Percolator, in which guests (along with Larryville artist Eric Farnsworth) can participate in the construction of some sort of cardboard creatures which will then be part of a parade on April 1.

As Farnsworth puts it, "I have built a few fairly large cardboard things, so I thought it would be nice to get people together to build an animal-like thing, and walk around with it" (

It sounds very nice indeed, and we are anxious to be part of it.

We also plan to get interactive at Wonder Fair:

"Just in time for the coming summer, Wonder Fair presents 'Eyeteeth Summertees' -- a live interactive print event by the Wonder Fair Family! Gallery goers will create one - of - a - kind tshirts by choosing the placement of eyes and teeth designed by Wonder Fair Family Members Kelly John Clark and Jason Barr on tees hand dyed by Eric Dobbins" (

We're planning to create a fantastic Larryville Chronicles logo by adding eyes and teeth to a PBR can.

And at Invisible Hand, artist Dave Loewenstein presents "Them," "An installation of cut-paper tableaus that follow Drones, Nimbys, and Frame-up Specialists as they try to rid their back yards, business districts, and border towns of Them" (

Chip: "?"

Also recommended: our Twitter-buddies in Tangent Arc will be rocking at Love Garden; Teller's will still have the March Mustache Madness exhibit; and our friends at the Q5 gallery are doing something at Henry's Upstairs (instead of upstairs at Quinton's, much to Chip's chagrin).

See Molly Murphy's complete guide to events at


At, chef Erik Desjarlais offers this loving tribute to PBR, which we print here in full:

"From 1882 to 1916, Pabst Brewing Company tied little blue ribbons around their bottlenecks. These days, PBR is the quintessential cheap can of beer. I enjoy it served icy cold with a pinch of salt. And any good bartender will put a thumb indent in the can for you for sipping ease upon opening. I’ve seen an individual drink 30 PBR tallboys, and at the end of the day, anyone who survives that gets a blue ribbon. If you’re feeling fancy, stick your pinky out and call it a Pabst Cordon Bleu. And do try the salt trick... it works wonders on the beer."

WHEN will the Replay get hipper and start placing salt shakers at each table on the patio?

Read the full "Bringing Back the Can" piece here:

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