Saturday, March 12, 2011

Public Meeting of the Weekend: Library Expansion Design

Sure, today is all about the epic (inconsequential) Big 12 Tournament match-up between KU and Texas, but make time tomorrow at 2:00 to stop by the Lawrence Public Library for a public discussion of the library expansion plans. Here's an excerpt from today's LJ-World piece:

"Kirk McClure, a West Lawrence neighborhood member, said he had heard concerns that the new library would have an entrance only on the Vermont Street side. That would make it less convenient for Old West Lawrence residents to walk to the library."

A chorus of Eastsiders: "Why must we kowtow to the Westside fatcats when we all know that Eastsiders use the library more than anyone else? Walk around the block, lardasses."

Richard: "Of course there should be a West side entrance. There should also be a North side entrance."

Chip: "But aren't most residents of North Lawrence illiterate?"

Richard: "I'm thinking primarily of the hobos who need a warm place to rest up after their long trek across the bridge and before attacking Free State with their railroad spikes."

On the LJ-World talkback, Monkeyhawk has this to say about library director Bruce Flanders' request for public input: "That's mighty big of you, Flanders. It reminds me of the nasty little girl who stole the dime my mother gave me to buy a popsicle at school. Nasty girl bought herself an orange popsicle and had the gall to ask me if I wanted a bite."

See you at the meeting (which we'll be attending primarily to promote our Twitter participation in next month's Read Across Lawrence project).

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