Saturday, March 19, 2011

UFO Summit Review / Scenester Pick of the Day: Jaill / SXSW: Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All

We enjoyed mingling with the true believers and Eastside conspiracy theorists down at the Reykawvik Summit at Liberty Hall yesterday. Perhaps you were drawn there yourself by the giant Batman-like spotlight sweeping the Larryville skies last night?

We offer this brief selection of highlights.

--From a lecture: "Most flying saucers spin counterclockwise and many look like crouching spiders."

--From a Q&A: "Did you see the dead alien bodies at Roswell yourself?" "No, but my father had friends who saw them."

--A scary looking fellow sitting in front of us wearing a jacket with "Cold War Veteran" on the back who purchased a blinking, flying saucer-frisbee.

--Raw footage!!! Go to the Youtube address below to witness "UFO battleship" footage and a presentation from Sam Maranto, who offered an afternoon session yesterday on "mass sightings" (but why did he not also screen the footage he claims to have seen in which giant mechanical alien tools and such protruded from a cloud as bright as a sun?):

Final verdict: three out of four Free State beers served in souvenir "OzUFO" pint glasses!


Tonight offers a good chance to catch a SXSW band on their journey back home to Milwaukee. Jaill hits the Jackpot tonight (along with the Spook Lights). Pitchfork gives a 6.5 to their 2010 album That's How We Burn:

"Jaill exhibit the most promise on early single "Everyone's Hip". The song is pure pop overload...Kircher fits syllable after syllable into his own vocal endurance test, rattling off barely discernible lyrics and at one point breaking into what sounds like Spanish. The song is a weird pleasure."

Richard: "Sold. I love bands that act extra letters to their name."

Chip: "And I love the song's positive message about how all of us are 'hip.' Or am I missing some irony again?"

Go here for a free download of the tune and see for yourself:


Pitchfork joins the rest of the blog-world in championing LA collective Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All, writing of their SXSW showcase:

"Compared to Odd Future, almost everything else at SXSW can't help but seem a little dusty and faded. These potty-mouthed kids with punch-something beats and the kind of exuberance only youth allows are easily one of the most talked-about at the festival this year. And watching them gun through a half hour's worth of the best material from their wealth of mixtapes only justified the hype."

Chip: "I can't listen to them without getting their lyrics stuck in my head: 'We go skate, rape sluts, and eat donuts from Randy's.' There's just something wonderfully universal about it, despite the specificity, that I think really speaks to the youth of today."

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